Quick Snapshots of Our Cover Model Jessica Weaver in a Bright and Beautiful Red Dress

Our Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Jessica Weaver Made a Great Appearance Again at the SP Engineering in Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
We always love our cover model Jessica Weaver, who is a very down to earth, not a super model diva, and a totally smart and kind friend.  Despite her stunning look with beautiful hair, sparkling eyes, tempting lips, and a beautifully curved body, Jessica has all the kind heart, right mind, and intelligent brain to go with her fulfilling self.  She is truly what shows outside reflects her inside!

Repeating her appearance again at the SP Engineering (www.sp-power.com) like the last year, Jessica was wearing a bright red dress that accentuate her stunning figure.  With the wind blowing like a studio fan, she gave us a strong photo session and allowed us captured some of very awesome works.

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