Our Awesome Cover Model Arley Elizabeth! Here at #modauto Booth at #Bimmerfest 2015 @arrrrlz

The Amazing and Talented Cover Model Arley Elizabeth at the Bimmerfest for Mod Auto

Fontana, CA / W&HM Staff
It's been a long time that we have seen Arley Elizabeth, our awesome cover model.  It's not that she is not coming to shows, nor are we getting lazy.  Actually Arley is busier than ever and landing gigs left and right and west and east.  We have been non-stopped around the shows in the so-Cal area, sometimes even in the same event with Arley, but the timing and the geographical coincidence are two other factors that Newtown's Laws of Motion did not factor in for us...

Nonetheless, we got some photos that we have not published of Arley and would love to share with you here just to show how awesome Arley is.  Arley is always so cheerful when you see her.  She is so friendly when you talk to her.  Arley would not give you a dull moment either visually or mentally when you take a picture of her.  We totally love shooting with her and we totally miss her for the longest time!

Hopefully we will see her a lot more, bending the current time and space relativity curse, and get the big shows to get us for awesome photo ops!!  And here are the past glimpses of Arley Elizabeth under our great captures!!  Check them out there!!

For some reasons, we gave Arley a pair of antennas... Sorry Arley!
The Mod Auto company always have cool models for their presence at the Bimmerfest.  This year, they had the cool cars as well as the cool model for show, and we totally appreciate the marketing efforts here!!

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