Gorgeous Annelise Marie at Motiv Wheels and Beautiful Danielle Ruiz for FondMetal at #Spocom Super Show 2015 @annelisejr @_danielleruiz @fondmetalusa @Motivwheels_

Motiv Wheels and Fondmetal Wheels Brought Gorgeous Annelise Marie and Beautiful Danielle Ruiz to The Spocom Super Show 2015 And Created a Traffic Stop at The Booth

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Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Since earlier, Motiv and FondMetal have been aggressively marketing their high end lines of wheel products. We have seen them at the 2014 SEMA show, and then at the bimmerfest as well as other shows this year.  The cool wheel companies always bring their A-game to shows.  Besides their impressive and highly articulated wheel designs on display, they also have their stunning models at the booth to compliment the artistry of their wheels.
Annelise Marie, the gorgeous blonde model, always creates an effortless yet picture perfect looks.  She is definitely born with it  If you have ever taken a photo of Annelise Marie, then you would be immediately attracted by her classy beauty and an unspeakable allures in her.  Either she is smiling at you or giving you a sophisticated look, she is always right on the spot and you will be left with an array of impressive pictures.

Equally amazing is Danielle Ruiz, the beautiful brunette model.  Her sparkling smile and arresting eyes would easily lock you in like Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun. Danielle have appeared twice in our memory, including this one.  We sure hope to see more of her in the future, and of course, Annelise Marie for sure!

We highly commend the great work that FondMetal and Motiv Wheels have put together and a successful show of great products and marketing!

Annelise Marie (Motiv Wheels)

Danielle Ruiz (FondMetal Wheels)

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