Engine Powers and Eye Candies at The Donuts N Wheels Car Show at Ace Alloy Wheels HQ

 The Hot Weather, Hot Models , And Hot Pipes at The 2015 Donuts N Wheels Car Show at Ace Alloy Wheels HQ

Chino, CA / Py Pai
The perfect temperature inside a boiled egg is 160F degrees.  That's how we felt when we were at the Donuts N Wheels car show. The reading on our dashboard indicated 112F degrees and it's just the outside temperature.  However, despite the exhausting heat, car enthusiasts as well as model followers faithfully gathered at the Ace Alloy Wheels headquarter in the city of Chino, CA for a great community spirit and show of their support to the prominent Ace Alloy Wheels brand.

Right at the gate, we encountered the awesome model line up, especially with our cover model Jessica Weaver and our feature model Amanda Kerr, together with Catalina Brazil, Natalie Maurie, and Cassandra Love.  Even though heat is one of the worst enemies for a promo model, these high spirited models still withstood the relentless sun above, hot metal right next to them, and glaring reflections all around, gave everybody a chance to capture a great picture of models and cars.  We sincerely salute these great models for their professionalism and great hospitality that made show such a great success.

Then we witnessed the wide angle view of lines of cars.  There were all kinds, all makes, and all models.  Right next to the ACE booth is a bright yellow Lambo, and the opposite end would be 37 horsepower, the very first Honda car introduced to the US, 1970 Honda An600!  This would give a proper perspective of the car mix that were at the show.

Models and cars along do not make the show stop there,  At the end of the show, there was a sound off competition to see whose car can rev up the engine music to the best, who would also be awarded by our lovely cover model Jessica Weaver with a trophy!

Overall, this is a fun and great event, despite the heat index reached at an insane level...  Great job team Donuts N Wheels!

Our Cover Model Jessica Weaver (ACE)

Our Feature Model Amanda Kerr (Donuts N Wheels)

Natalie Maurie (Donuts N Wheels)

Catalina Brazil (Donuts N Wheels, and sometimes JDM Sport)

Vast Array of ACE Wheel Display

Car Show Cars

Sounds Off Competition

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