Big Presence of @JDMsport at the @ExtremeAutofest San Diego 2015

JDM Sport Team's Big Presence at the Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015 Show

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San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
JDM SPort is one of the most prolific show sponsors in the car show world, especially here in the southern California.  Every time you go to a car show, most likely you will see their bright red flag up.  One key characteristic of JDM Sport presence is their huge model line up.  They are constantly and relentlessly discovering new models to the car show world.  Many times, we saw some really cool models and some totally fresh faces.

At the Extreme Autofest San Diego 2015, JDM Sport team has done it again!  They had many cool models at the show. We recognize Victorya Van Tran in her sleek black dress, together with other models that we are becoming more familiar with through the repeating appearances.

Next time if you are in a car show, definitely check out JDM Sport's cool models, and don't forget their vast arrays of products and their cool cars too!

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