Big Highlight of Day 2 at ECC 2015 by Clinton Lum @Calibre68

The Continuation of Gorgeous Models at The ECC Vaping Convention, Coverage by Clinton Lum

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Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
With the help of our sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, we got a peek into the smoky wonderful world of ECC vaping convention's cool and cute models.

As we mentioned last time that many of our cover and feature models showed up at the convention.  Here we have Brittani Paige, Arley Elizabeth, as well as many others that we are super happy to see them there!
Definitely the line up of the models could easily outperform many car shows in the So-Cal region.  The sheer number and the professionalism of these models are like a summation of the great promotional models in the line up here.  At the same time, we totally see the powerful hiring power that these vaping companies possess when it comes to the promotional activities.  On the one hand, we are sad to see the declination of the import models market valuation across car shows, but we totally see where the money and interests are flowing in this direction, and provided a fertile ground for the models to come and grow and become super stars!

We will check out next year's ECC event for sure to see these amazing models as well as the new faces too!

Angelina Andrada, Cambria Joy Mansfield, Raquel Estrella
Mariah Longo
Olivia Korte

Kallita Daniel + Eva Skye
Brittani Paige
Candace Leilani

Arley Elizabeth
Ashley Twomey (Wud)
Xena Kai
Monika Cozlin
Yarie Vanessaa

Sabrina Bing

L'Amour Niggl

Marie Madore

Amie Nicole

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