Super Cute Jessica Wong, Miss HIN OC 2015 @Hotimportnights @jessicuhwong

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 Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
At the Hot Import Nights Anaheim 2015, the air was filled with festive energy, not just because it's July 4th on that day, but also there were many happy and fun loving import models at the model lounge as well as on the stage.  At the Miss HIN search, Jessica Wong stood out and won the Miss HIN OC 2015!  We totally congrat this gorgeous and refreshing beauty for a great achievement!  We first saw Jessica at the Kuya Model Expo earlier in the year.  We were already impressed by her tall and enchanting look.  It's no surprise that she would garner the top honor at the show here.  We definitely look forward to seeing her again soon!

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