Super Charming Cover Model Sandra Wong at #ExtremeAutofest San Diego 2015 @thesandrawong @EAFCarshows

Extreme Autofest Official Model and Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Sandra Wong in Warm and Cute Neko Costume in EAF SD 2015

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San Diego, CA / W&HM Staff
The car show super model Sandra Wong had an amazing appearance in the Extreme Autofest San Diego, 2015.  The theme of the model lounge this year is cosplay costume and Sandra had a super cute Neko look.  When we saw her, we were already impressed by the warm costume that she had.  The weather out there was close to 90F and felt like 100F easily.  Despite the no-breeze heat, Sandra did a wonderful job in her costume and was prepared to wear her pink wig to fully accustomed to the character she portrayed.  We were deeply impressed, and our hat's off to her tremendously!!

During the catch up, we confirmed that we will do another cover feature of Sandra.  Usually we don't release such thing until things are all prepared and done.  However, we were so happy for this that we just cannot contain ourselves and want to share with everyone to know.  We are creating different concepts and see what would be really cool and really unique.  If you have any suggestions, definitely leave a comment here for us to include in our discussion!  We simply cannot wait!!

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