Neo Red Hot Alyhed Morales Model Lounging and Gogo Dancing at #HIN 2015 Anaheim

 Red Hot Alyhed Morales Played Three Key Roles at HIN Anaheim 2015

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Alyhed Morales, the awesome gogo talent and cool import model with The Diamond Dozen model team, had a busy day at the HIN Anaheim 2015 event.  The cool model was at the model lounge giving photographers and show goers ample opportunities for a photo and selfies.  Then we rushed to the stage and did a most rigorous gogo dancing, several times throughout the day!  Then, she needed to prepare for the Miss HIN beauty contest later in the night.  We cannot say enough of this wonderful talent showing all her awesome skills!  Our hats off to Aly!!

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