Extra Saturday! More More Import Models at #HIN Hot Import Nights Anaheim 2015 @hotimportnights @_KarenDenise_ @BrinaBing

 Many More Radiant Import Models From The Hot Import Nights Anaheim 2015 Show 

Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
Hot Import Nights must have many hot import models, as the legendary rule goes.  At the Anaheim 2015 show, HIN has brought on many import models to celebrate the nation's birthday, July 4th.  These fine import models had full spectrum of energy and personality at the model lounge.  Some were like passionate flowers, some quiet storms, some happy EDM girls, and also the famous omni-present Big Abe as well!  Definitely take the time to see these awesome photos of these awesome import models here...

Karen Denise

 Sabrina Bing

 Big Abe

 Lauren Lala

 More Models With Cars

 Cassie V

 Lyssa Charmaine

Maya Li and Fluffy C 

 More More Import Models

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