Cover, Feature and New Models at #2Crave Booth in #Spocom Anaheim 2015

Our Cover and Feature Models Elizabeth Velasquez and Lisa Lee Marie Plus A Brand New Model for the Famous 2Crave Model Team at Spocom Super Show 2015

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Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff
2Crave is like Hankook in the wheels world in car show. They both have killer products, they both came from the same origin, and they both have top of the line promotional models for their show presence.  At the Spocom Super Show Anaheim 2015, 2Crave brought back their highly anticipated models Elizabeth Velasquez and Lisa Lee Marie, and together with a brand new model.

We know Elizabeth and Lisa for a long time, especially they being our cover and feature models.  They are always upbeat and friendly and engaging and photogenic!  We totally love their presence and always appreciate their time and efforts for great photo ops!!
The brand new model is brand new because she's never been a car show before.  At first we were a bit skeptical for concerns that she may not handle the incoming huge crowd and cameras and flashes.  After a few clicks, we were totally impressed by how passionate she is about modeling.  We think 2Crave has found another awesome models!!  Great job all!!

Definitely check out these photos of these awesome models in action at the 2Crave booth!

Elizabeth Velasquez

 Lisa Lee Marie

 A Brand New First Time Ever Car Show Model for 2Crave

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