2013 Toyota Grand Prix Awesome Toyo Girls at the Expo! by Clinton Lum @claudiaalan

Long beach, CA (Photo by Clinton Lum, Text by Py) - Claudia Alan first caught our eyes at last year's E3 event.  It was a spectacular impression to say the least.  Now we see her working for Toyo Tires touring the nation.  That's awesome!!  Claudia is always so bright, and smart, and approachable.  Triple awesome!  We sure look forward to seeing her again soon in the future!
Toyo Tires sure have the cream of the crop representation at the expo.  Great job team!

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2013 Toyota Grand Prix - Corissa Furr at Pirelli and More - by Clinton Lum

Long Beach, CA (Photo by Clinton Lum, Text by Py) - One of Pirelli's signature promotion strategy is to hire the industry top talent to represent them at key shows.  We are very happy to see Corissa again this year.  Corissa always maintain a majestic presence that uplifts the brand's image in front of patrons of the expo.  Our hat's off to her!
The Hawk Tools girls look really shining and stunning there.  Laura Baker (below right) is always a great asset to K1-Speed team!  Keep it up Laura!
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2013 Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach Tecate Girls Rule! by Clinton Lum

Long Beach, CA (Photo by Clinton Lum, Text by Py) - Toyota Grand Prix, as a tradition, opened at streets of Long Beach.  It's a great family outing event and lots of vendors brought in their A-games to showcase their products or engage customers, or increase their branding exposure.  Also since this is a super family friendly event, the Lifestyle Expo is more about great talents and products.  

Alexia Cortez's looking smashing in the blue Tecate racing outfit.  She is always so gorgeous both in picture and in person!
It's totally awesome to see Claudia Moran, our cover model, at the expo!  She is so warm and friendly!  Together with other Tecate girls, this is one winning team!  Great job!

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More and More of 2013 Bimmerfest Pasadena!

Pasadena, CA (Py) - What can you do when the lovely Holly Lee (above) blowing a kiss to you?  You have to capture it, right?  We did with our camera and keep this awesome moment!  Rohana booth is full of love!!

Erica Nagashima for Avant Garde Wheels and is like a serene tranquil winter-scape and a mercury-breaking summer hotness.

We have Big Abe (below left) for Bavaria!  His signature look never stops to cease the amazement from the crowd.  Ayanna Jordan (below right) made the Vossen booth a super cute one!
And there are just so many cool girls in different styles of attires.

We definitely look forward to next year's Bimmerfest again!

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2013 Bimmerfest Pasadena with More Awesome Models! @LizVelasquez

Pasadena, CA (Py) - We are continuing from yesterday's awesome coverage of all the great models at the Bimmerfest Pasadena.  Here we have Elizabeth Velasquez (above) giving us a bright as the sun smile.  Actually it doesn't matter what kind of weather it is, she always make us feel it's sunny out there!  Elizabeth did a great job for Vertini getting people's attention and make them feel really welcomed.  Good job!!

Katelynn Ansari (below left) is a wonderful + wonderful model!  From the first time we covered her at CES last year, we knew that she is a great model and her road to amazing stardom will be a successful one!  We are very happy to see her at Nitto here.  Hopefully we will see her more in the near future!
We met up Natalia Marie (below left) and Diana Lushus (below right) when they were giving out stickers for Sparta.  You should really see them in action!  It's a non-stop creative performance even doing a could-be-mundane work like giving out stickers.  That's great promotional talent in them!

The models at various booths are doing their best job in representing their vendor's brands as well as looking good in picture.  The show may be a 6-hour thing, but a great picture last forever, and get liked many many times!
At the ceremony, the pairs from Ventura Motorsports and BMW of Murieta gave us totally cool photo ops!  Awesome!

Beckie Joon (above) make JGMODS looks cool, especially with the TED-like character in the passenger's side.  Who know what he would say... Christine (below) was last spotted at the Wekfest Long Beach last year, and it's a great return to the car show scene again for VMR Wheels.

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2013 Bimmerfest Pasadena Starring A-List Models #wheelsandheels @MsSandraWong @CorissaFurr @EricaNagashima @AyannaJordan @HollyxLee @XenaKai

Pasadena, CA (Py) - This year's Bimmerfest at Pasadena, CA, is a huge, or more precisely, madness-size huge event!  Over the years, the meet + show has grown into a major BMW cultural hotspot for all like-car'd enthusiasts as well as cool vendor product demonstrations, and of course, more A-list top models too.

Sandra Wong, our Jan cover model, was very popular at the event, especially with her infectious and warm-your-heart smiles. She is a true social network genius in person.  She not only has an awesome presence, she also engages people, and creates personable impressions on them.  Totally awesome!  The VMR Wheels booth that she's in was very busy for sure!

It's awesome to see Corissa Furr (below right) again at ModBargains!  Corissa is an amazing model who is always at her best in everything she does.  We always have the highest respect to her and her professionalism!  Just came back from stormy Atlanta for FD Rd2, Erica Nagashima (below right) is like a beautiful white fairy, or an elegant Elven (without the pointy ears) under a white tent, surround by cool Avant Garde Wheels.  Cool!

Arley Elizabeth (above left) at ModBargains, was also super busy, signing her posters for her fans, adding lots of new fans.  She is totally awesome!!

Holly Lee!!  The awesome Holly Lee! (below left) at the Rohana Wheels booth is always fun to catch up with and shoot too.  Always look forward to seeing her!  Ayanna Jordan (below right) was also at the Vossen booth.  She recently joined the Diamond Dozen team and we will see much more of her in the near future!  Yay!
Xena Kai!!!  We haven't seen Xena Kai for a long, more precisely like a year!!  It's great to see her back at the car show scene, and this time for the Stance Wheels.  Her refreshed look just reminds us how stunning she's always is!  Claudia Alan (above right) is a wonderful touring model with Toyo Tires.  Her athletic style and bright smile just bring an uplifting spirit in you. Make you want to go out and do a run, like a good Toyo tire.
Lyna Ly Sparks, our cover model, (above left) just had a wonderful vacation.  She is radiating with blissfulness and new hopes at the Vredestein Tires booth!  Always great catching up with her!  Awesome!!  We believe her name to be Crystal, for the BMW at Murieta, is super photogenic and totally camera friendly, a very cool promotional model!

Jessica Weaver (below left) is a very cool model and a great entrepreneur too!  Vertini Wheels definitely got a super awesome model who gets people's attention, camera clicks, and great brand exposure!  Cool + Cool!  And we met up these two tall and leggy models at the MRR booth.  They are so stunningly statuesque that made the booth a museum space, full of arts and crafts.  Great job!!
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