2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim Highlight - The Very Cool Ones! @Ilove_CRYSTAL #wheelsandheels

Anaheim, CA (Py) - We were sooo + sooo happy to see Crystal Mendez at the Extreme Autofest Anaheim!!  She is such an amazing model and we could never get enough of coverage of her.  A long while back, we worked together and produced some of most amazing photos together.  They are purely magical!  We look forward to working with her again!!

Amy Ames (above right) lead the Hollux and Limitless Society team under the beautiful sunset.  Super cool!


The 2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim was a huge success from our point of view.  There were so many great models, so many cool cars, and so many activities and performances.  It's very well put together and excellently executed.  Great job to the team and we definitely look forward to the San Diego event!

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2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim Highlight - The Amazing @RAICHELLEVIADO #wheelsandheels

Anaheim, CA (Py) - There are a lot of great stories to tell about this wonderful young lady, Raichelle Viado, at the Extreme Autofest.  The little bird told us that the unique wonder costume was built the night before and is not available in any store.  Raichelle actually did it herself! Talking about beauty and talent combined in one.  That's super power!  On top of that, she won the best costume prize at the show.  Now that's beyond super power!  That's pure genius!!  Great job!!

And if you been carefully observing her (but don't stalk her please), you will notice that she has hair color changed to match her wardrobe.  You can find a full chronicle of all her appearances here in the magazine in here.  BTW, if you check the MODELS section at the below right corner, you will find that Raichelle is the top billing of all models in our coverage.  Talking about dedication and popularity!  Wow!!

The Dayuum! girls are totally eye catching!  And we have Sandra Wong as a very cute Robin!
Alexx Juice (below) always gives us plenty of opportunities to take great photos of her.  We deeply appreciate that!

Don't ask us who the lady with an e-pipe below here. She just said her name is "G".  Try google that... :-)
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2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim Highlight - Famed Bikini Contest #bikini

Anaheim, CA (Py) - Extreme Autofest is not complete without its famed Bikini Contest.  The competition was fierce to say the least.  There were many + many totally gorgeous and super fit models on stage.  One of them is Diamond Zaang, and her poise really excited the crowd.  Lilly Evans (below left) really put on a show for the wild audience, and rightfully deserved the "double-take" encore to reappear at the stage again.
You can always count on Charmaine to by herself.  This is literally a rendition of "All Eyes on Me!", more accurately, "All Eyes and Cameras on Me!!!"

The finals were standing waiting for their fates...

During the final final, Charmaine did a water showering to the crowd, who got even more excited!!

The finals, and the winner is awesomely from Hawaii (left most).  Her dance moves really moved the judges' needles as well as the crowd's thundering support!

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2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim Highlight - So Many Cool Costumes #wheelsandheels @Ilove_CRYSTAL

Anaheim, CA (Py) -
Anaheim, CA (Py) - The model lounge is always fun, and now combined with the genius of costume theme, it's a riot!  Lovely Rachelle (above left) as Babydoll overpowered Lily Evans, Lara Croft with her shiny katana.  Is it real sword??  Wow!

Even wonder women (Ashley Clark and Amanda Kerr) can  use some Kuya protection by Big Abe!  Audrey Elizabeth (below left) and Marie Alvarez (below right) and Ashley Clark (below below left) are the super leggy heroines!
Claudia Lopez (above right) and Kristin Barcelona (below) looks super delicious, isn't she? :-)  And the Spocom girl is sooo cool!

Diamond Zaang is always so pearly cute!  Lyna Ly Sparks (below left) and Raichelle Viado (below left right) are awesome from head to toe.  Do you know that Raichelle did not just go out and bought a costume for this.  She made it with her own hands!  Now that's a super power that most people don't have any more!!  Many kudos to Raichelle!!
The strategically Ivy'd Poison Ivy Christina May (above right) brought us an early Christmas, a cool contrast to the super heat wave there.  And GXS uniform is a costume by itself, shown by the GXS girls!

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2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim Highlight - Cream of The Crop! @2CRAVE @TheDiamondDozen #wheelsandheels

Anaheim, CA (Py) - 2Crave always has a strong presence at major car events.  The EAF Anaheim is no exception.  And judging from the crowd density around the booth space, they did another wonderful job this time!  Arley Elizabeth (above) together with other 2Crave models, including Arika Sato (below below left), were working hard under the big sun till the end of the show.  Wow!  Talking about dedication!!  Great work the whole team!

The Diamond Dozen team is so tantalizing! They totally drew the crowd and the attention to the Custom 411 Magazine booth.  Definitely a must-visit spot at the event!  Awesome!!

Jenna Trujillo (below left) at the HIN Merchandising booth  is so natural at cameras and so friendly to people.  Wow!  April Garcia is pretty in pink!
Charmaine Glock (above left) is a super free spirited model.  You will find out more later on in our coverage. :-)  Lily Zenna Wang was in a full catsuit, in a 80+F degree weather.  How she did it without sweating, we don't know, but we were impressed!  That's literally cool!

Clean Promotion brought in a LOT of models to the show.  That's like wow many times!  

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