Michelle Yee and More Gorgeous Models at FD Show

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Michelle Yee is so popular that we only got a glimpse of her over someone else's shoulder.  Nonetheless, she is so courteous and made room on our crowded space and time for our camera.  That's what we call a professional!  Kudos!!

We can almost play what are the differences between the two photos on the right. :-)
We haven't seen Elizabeth for a long time. If you have Brad Williams (the mnemonist) visual memory, then you probably can tell that she appeared in our very second post of the magazine. Wow, super awesome!!

It's so great to see her again!!

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Sunny Lea Anne And Friend for GT Channel

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Lea Anne is such an active participant in the world of promotional modeling and car racing.  Her sunny  personality matches the big bright in the sky and her coolness is a perfect complement to the Long Beach breezes.
At the 2013 Formula Drift Long Beach, she and another wonderful model did a great job for the GT Channel.  Cool!

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See How Sandra Wong Shines at Formula Drift @MsSandraWong

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Sandra Wong is such an incredible model that this year, she represents the Nitto Tires at the Formula Drift Long Beach opening ceremony with one of the top drivers, Chelsea DeNofa.

Then at the Nitto Tires booth, she is a wonderful model that demonstrates her sheer beauty and her uber femininity.

Then Sandra would be warmly cordial to show goers and promote the best of the brand.  What can we say, she is totally awesome!  That's why she is on our cover!

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Olivia Korte - W&HM 2013 Cover Model @_oKo_ #wheelsandheels

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We've known Olivia Korte for several years.  She always impresses us either as a Falken Girl or at SEMA/CES shows by giving us flawless pictures for our coverage.  We are truly fortunate to have her as our cover model for our May issue, which is also the biggest issue so far.

Working with Olivia for the feature is nothing but a totally amazing experience.  We are truly blessed with her resourcefulness, her organization and planning skills, as well as natural talents of being a super model in front of our lenses.

It is so amazing, and there are so many amazing pictures and great contents, we decided to give out our electronic version of the May issue free for the first week of May.  You can check it out at the print store here [ext link]: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/556888

After you check out the magazine, please also stay tuned for more great editorial pictures of Olivia in the next few days!

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2013 May Issue with Olivia Korte is OUT! Get Your Free e-Copy Today! @_oKo_ #wheelsandheels

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are very excited about the May print issue.  Not just that it's our biggest issue, or it has the most pictures, the May issue has Olivia Korte as our cover model, and her most loved car, Lamborghini Aventador!

There are so many pictures in this issue!  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this is a book of War and Peace.  Okay, maybe not that long, but it's pretty significant.

We are also very excited to include coverage from the long time industry sage Clint Lum.  If you know Clint, you know that he is virtually at every car show in So-Cal and more, and take killer pictures of drifting, cars, and models. This is very exciting!!

There are so many coverage in this issue that we are going to give the e-Copy away FREE for the first week of May, so that as many people can enjoy it as possible.  All you need to do is to click the link and register at MagCloud (they require it) to get the free copy.  You can view it as a PDF file or on your iPad.  This free thing will end on May 08, and will not be free anymore...


Of course, please share, tell your friends about this free e-copy offer.  Great friend let great friend know about free stuffs, right? :-)

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Diamond Zaang, Claudia Lopez and Shauvon for the Extreme Autofest!

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Diamond Zaang is one of the hardest working models at the car show scene now.  We see her every where, which is awesome!!  Definitely keep it up Diamond!


Claudia Lopez is also very cool and gave us a perfect sweet smile!  Nice!!

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