2013 #formuladrift Round 1 Long Beach Highlights 7 #wheelsandheels #drifting

wheelsandheelsmag.com / Long Beach, CA (Py) - Spocom is really gearing up with a big presence.  There were at least 5 models present at the event, and we can sense that it will be a huge show this year!  We cannot wait!
Lea Ann (below right) is proactive and assertive and totally wonderful to shoot with!  She definitely made the event experience a great one!!  How cool!! 

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2013 #formuladrift Round 1 Long Beach Highlights 6 #wheelsandheels #drifting

wheelsandheelsmag.com / Long Beach, CA (Py) - Amanda Kerr (above) are undisputed long leg awesome model!
We haven't seen Ryan Oso (above left right) for a long time.  It's great to see her for Hybrid and showing her total cool self, with Nikita Esco!

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2013 #formuladrift Round 1 Long Beach Highlights 5 #wheelsandheels #drifting

wheelsandheelsmag.com / Long Beach, CA (Py) - Julie Galindo for Falken is so feminine and elegant and gorgeous!  We were just speechless!  Amanda Kerr and Lynthy are so cute with umbrellas. :-)
Lots of familiar faces!  Cool!

Christina Carabough and Rachel Contolella for GXS, were sooooo awesome!!  They are always a great pleasure to meet and great fun to talk with and great time over time.  Simply great!!

Arley Elizabeth and Lux are so chic and cool!!
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2013 #formuladrift Round 1 Long Beach Highlights 4 #wheelsandheels #drifting

wheelsandheelsmag.com / Long Beach, CA (Py) - The new Hankook line up is totally awesome.  Holly Allen (above), Stephanie Kay (below left), Sadie May (below center), and our very beloved Erica Nagashima.  Hankook models are always about wholesome, fun, and personable, which they all are!  We know Erica for a long time (in the modeling time scale), and she is one of the best testament to that!  Keep up the good work!
Randyl Dawn (above left) and the new Falken uniform are very popular at the event.  All models in Falken were non-stop packing, signing and giving away their beautiful wall posters.

The Spocom models (above right) definitely promoted the Spocom brand very well!  They are so refreshing and great to capture on digital film!

We are so happy to see Amber Grace again!  After she caused a great sensation in our last coverage on line, she showed her wonderful smile to our camera one more time.  Cute!!!

Natalia Marie for NOS, and Ashley Clark for OMG Drift, and the very very cute Holly Lee, as well as Raquel Estrella were all great personalities at the event.  Very cool!

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2013 #formuladrift Round 1 Long Beach Highlights 3 Ceremony #wheelsandheels #drifting #openingceremony

wheelsandheelsmag.com / Long Beach, CA (Py) - Driving a super souped up car, getting to seriously burning some tires, and drifting like a bat out of hell are all fun, but standing next to gorgeous models and showing off your decal-laden kick-ass car in front of thousands of fans out there, it's a celebrity thing!!  Very cool!

We get to also see the familiar faces of the promotional models, doing what actually in the right context of the venue at the opening ceremony.

Erica Nagashima looks awesome with a Gopro camera at hand.  Talking about live actions, on the passenger seat!
Randyl Dawn stood right next to the winning driver,Daijiro Yoshihara, very cool!

Several Falken Tires cars made it into finals, that brought us more Falken models.  Yay!

Sandra Wong was on the track, we are so happy to see her there!!  We are sure that it was an exhilarating experience!  Awesome!!

The crowd was wild by all the excitements from the introduction and the anticipation of the final show down on Round 1 competition!

Right before Tailyr Monette got back into the car, we took a quick snap of her, smiling very pretty!

Ceremoniously, the drivers started to take the models for some serious spinning before getting back to their starting position.  Must be a thrill ride for the models who don't drift much or at all.  Fun!!

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#wheelsandheels #promomodel #sexy
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