Leggy Models at Kuya Model Expo #kuyamodelexpo

Torrance, CA (W&HM) - There were several really tall and looking tall models there at the expo.  Audrey Elizabeth is a great example!  Her slender form definitely stands out in the crowd and helps her move around the jammed traffic in no effort.
Amanda Kerr (above) is by definition a really tall model, actually so tall, that she can look around the room without much obstruction...

Tiffany (below) is a super great model!  She's been in various fashion / promotional shows / events, and definitely has a very + very strong modeling skills and work to show!  Great job!

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Gimmie Girls Gave Us a Lot! #kuyamodelexpo

Torrance, CA (W&HM) - Gimmie Girl Girls have a particular style that you can tell from yards away, among crowds of models, and total immersion of lights and sounds.

The owner of Gimmie Girl introduced us the models in red there, individually...  It was a blur afterwards, as there were so many sparks, laughter, and affections captured here... We remember there were Tristan, Ashley, and ... ???  We need to crowd-source our readers for their names...  Thank you in advance!

Kuya Model Expo - A United Nation Fun! #kuyamodelexpo

Torrance, CA (W&HM) - We are very happy to see that there are so many different colors, shapes, personalities, wardrobe, and modeling styles in the Kuya Model Expo.  It's truly a cool event that everybody is having a good time.  It's a feel-good party for sure!

Stephanie Lee loves to present drama and suspense of her drinking her energy drink...  Very cool!
April Star (above) has a line of cool portfolio pictures!  Awesome!

2012 Kuya Model Expo - Go Go Go Dancing Fun! #kuyamodelexpo @Raquel_Estrella

Torrance, CA (W&HM) - At the inaugural Kuya Model Expo, go-go dancing is a great attraction, as they have some awesome talents on the stage.  At the center is Nicole Marie, our mega kawaii featured model!  It's great to see her again back to the promotional modeling scene.   She is so welcomed by many + many fans!
And she handed the baton to another awesome model, Raquel Estrella!  Raquel is simply amazing!
And we have another model dancer, but failed to capture her name... :-/
But overall, the performances were very friendly, cozy, classy, and fun that carries the tone of the whole show.  Bravo ladies!!
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2013 Kuya Model Expo Highlights - Part 3 #wheelsandheelsm

Torrance, CA (Py) - We conclude highlight series by having Sandra Wong (above) leading the pack, with Nicole Marie (below left) and Bebe Layne.  All the awesome girls at the event!
The cool model with a cup, looks really cool!  Amanda Kerr (above right) is so slender and tall who brought out a different style of modeling here!  We love it!

Fines Pena (below left) from Import Fashion is elegant, soft-spoken, and a little bit shy, perfect as a wonderful Asian model!  Very cool!  Nikki (below right) definitely gave us a intriguing look!
The big finale of the bikini show...

The Gimmie Guy's girls are so alluring... The red dresses are so hot...  And their actions are so wow!
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2013 Kuya Model Expo Highlights - Happy Groups! #wheelsandheelsm #kuyamodelexpo

Torrance, CA (Py) - It's such a happy family, feel good group scene at the Kuya Model Expo...

Uh, if it is a happy family, then it's a bit too....  Let's just say that the Gimmie Guy's girls are very comfortable with each other.  HOT!

When Lena Love (below left top) and Jasmyn Skye (below left bottom) meet our camera, it's always a fun time!!  It's always awesome to see them!  Lily Wang (below right left) and Bebe Layne (below right right, blonde) gave us a warm and peaceful look when we caught them at the right moment.
Big Abe is doing awesome!  Hard work pays off!!

Nicolette Dawn (below left) and Jen Trujillo look super cool and gorgeous!  Melt our heart!

From the Import Fashion, Fines Pena (below left left) and Karen Rox demonstrated the glamour side of the import car modeling.  Nice!!  Tiffany (below right left, red hair) has joined the promotional modeling world recently, but her fashion runway performances are AWESOME!!
Bebe Layne is such a great companion to many models, here with Desiree Vidal (below right), and both look complementary to each other really well!

Four different colors of hair, skin tones, and wardrobe, if this is not the world vision of a united nation, what would?  :-)

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