Kayla Jane is a Hidden Sparkling Gem!

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - We've never met Kayla Jane before, and doubt that we will ever will for some reason.  However, the few pictures that we took of her left a strong impression on us that this girl is a natural born model and a wonderful promotional gal!
She has that amicable attitude, great modeling skills, and totally gorgeous look!  She reminds us of Natalie Wood, with a big smile on her.  Super cool Kayla!  Keep it up!

Amanda Kerr + Ashley Clark = Double Hotness!

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - Amanda Kerr always gives us that elegant and beautiful smile and poses.  Her slender and tall physique makes her a perfect fashion model, a unique group of models in the industry.
Ashley Clark has that sunny smile, playful personality, and wonderful California girl look.  This is before she turned fully golden blond hair color, and both colors suit her very well!

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Diana Lushus Took Us Back to Spocom Summer! @diannaLUSHus

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - In this cold wet severe weather condition these days, wouldn't you get a cup of hot coffee, sitting by the desk, and start reminiscing the good old summer time last year...   If you cannot remember much, Diana Lushus here definitely can bring you back in no time, like time-traveling!
She is simply gorgeous, tropical, exotic, warm, bright and sunny,... Anything that is related to the Summer is her... Awesome!
And models do eat, with a passion!

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Jennifer Irene Gonzalez - W&HM 2013 Feb Cover Model

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - (continued from yesterday's part 2)

W&HM: Awesome!  Do you usually make decisions by your heart, or guts, or brain?
Jennifer:  Hey! is this a trick question? You're going to ask me about food and then about my gut? LOL I'm just kidding.    I make my decisions by all the above. I balance out my feelings from my heart, gut, AND brain to make the decisions I make. I think all three are vital and need each other. :P 
W&HM: :-)  Cool!  A different question...  You travel so much, which is your favorite city so far?
Jennifer:  In the US it would be Chicago. I LOVE the downtown area there.   Outside the US PARIS is still my favorite city. 

W&HM: And which city you would love to go someday?
Jennifer: I would LOVE to go to Tokyo, Japan and try some blowfish from a qualified sushi chef. 
W&HM: Any plans for 2013 that you can share with us?
Jennifer: Too many to list.  Who said the sky is the limit when clearly there are footprints on the moon? Whatever it is I"m going to do it the best I can. 

W&HM: Very cool!  We are sure that you will have no problem achieving them!! :-)
Jennifer: In order to achieve, you have to believe. I have no doubt in my mind that I will meet my goals. :D 

W&HM: Last two questions, what would you like to say to your fans?
Jennifer:  Thank you so much for your continued love and support. I really appreciate it. I hope that I can be as much of a positive influence in your lives, as you are in mine. 

W&HM: Where can people find you and follow you online?
Jennifer:  my personal website and store www.JGmodeltalent.com
Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/JenniferIreneGonzalez 
Instagram @JGmodeltalent 
Twitter  @JGmodeltalent 
Also if you are an avid ebay shopper: subscribe to my ebay store JGmodeltalent 

W&HM: Thank you so much Jennifer!  You are super amazing!!  Thank you for all your great work!  Look forward to working together in the near future!
Jennifer: Thank you! I can't wait. 

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Jennifer Irene Gonzalez - W&HM 2013 Feb Cover Model

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - (continued from yesterday...)

W&HM: You work so much, what do you do for your R&R?
Jennifer: Gosh! To be honest  I really don't give myself as much R&R time as I need to.  I guess I look at my current situation with the momentum gathering in my career  as "short term pain for long term gain".  However,  when I do catch a moment to breathe I like to visit the spa, go wine and dine, or make a desperate attempt at a new recipe in the kitchen. I'm like your hot little housewife betty crocker when I feel like it. haha.  But everyday I love to snuggle with my furry little animals. I have three cats and a teacup maltese. They are my joy. 
W&HM: Very cool!  You've also been to so many places, what was your favorite food?
Jennifer: Oh gosh. I can't choose a favorite food because I like TOO many different kinds of food. Eating is my favorite pastime. LOL. I'm lucky i have a fast metabolism.  I CAN say that while I was in the Philistine  I loved the coconut sticky rice with mango. Yummm. 

W&HM: Yum!!  Nice!!  We are hungry now!  Haha  How about desserts? Which is your favorite?
Jennifer:  I LOVE Asian jello or cold desserts like frozen yogurt. Haagen Dazs ice cream in coffee or rum raisin is my guilty pleasure. 
W&HM: Sweet!  We are very hungry and our sweet tooth is aching!!  Haha Now a totally different topic.  Could you share some wisdom with new models entering this business?
Jennifer: My best advice to models entering this business is your social networking and attitude. I kid you not, i booked most of my jobs and covers by meeting people at events and venues.  Also try to stay CLASSY not TRASHY. 

W&HM: Nice!  Thank you!  Very cool!  Maybe if you can share one quote with them, what would it be?
Jennifer: ‎"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it" ~warren buffet   Be very cautious on the decisions you make if you choose to work in the public eye, again stay classy not trashy, and don't burn bridges with people. You will quickly learn how small of a world it is and who can help you make it or break it.  
W&HM: Very cool!  Say, if you are writing a fortune cookie message to someone special of yours right now, what would it be?
Jennifer:  Go out on a limb and do a random act of kindness for someone you don't know. You will be surprised how that "gift" of kindness will go on and on and on. 

(continued in tomorrow's part 3...)

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Jennifer Irene Gonzalez - W&HM 2013 Feb Cover Model

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are super excited to have Jennifer Irene Gonzalez to grace our cover again, but this time it's HARD COVER!!  This is our premier print issue and she is perfect to lead this new track in our magazine venture.  Jennifer is not just an amazing model, she is also extremely resourceful, and have great wisdom toward life and industry!  We are so happy for her and for us too!!

Now let's learn more about Jennifer since the last time we worked with her.

W&HM: Hi Jennifer, it's great to have you on our cover again!  You are totally awesome!  Last year,  you were on so many magazines, and calendars and prints and advertisements and product branding and others.  We practically lost track of them!  Haha.  Congratulations!!

Jennifer: Thank you so much! 2012 has been my best year so far. I was on tour, landed the cover of 10 magazines internationally, Landing two national spokesmodel campaigns (MWG watch group, and VP racing fuels), and was on tour promoting the products I endorse with Lifesource Inc. I couldn't be more blessed. Grateful. 

W&HM: Please share with us some of the exciting experiences from last year.  You must have a lot.
Jennifer:  Like I just mentioned previously, 2012 was my best year ever. So that gives me so much more to strive for in 2013 to make it an even BETTER year.  In addition to being able to travel the world and tour as the spokesmodel for 3 different companies, I  landed a whirlwind of magazine covers, editorial features and billboards. Not to mention I was on the wheels and heels back cover, the COVER for pin ups for patriots, judged and coached the southern California natural beauty pageant (www.flourishe.net) ,  and became involved with several charitable organizations including Honoring Our Fallen.  Even more exciting, I was nominated as one of the MOST DANGEROUS WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD and will be featured as an A-list model/celebrity in a coffee table book/reality show that will release this April. 

W&HM: Awesome!  We bet that this year, it's going to be even much busier than last year for you!!
Jennifer: I sure hope so. If you are going to do anything you should always do your best at it. 

(continued in part 2 tomorrow...)

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Jennifer's contact information:

Personal website and store www.JGmodeltalent.com
Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/JenniferIreneGonzalez 
Instagram @JGmodeltalent 
Twitter  @JGmodeltalent 
Also if you are an avid ebay shopper: subscribe to her ebay store JGmodeltalent 
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