2013 CES #me and Invisibility-Capable TYLT Girls

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - The #me is like a flash mob that you would find them all wandering around, but at certain times, they will come together and in this case, for our photo op!  Clever!
When we first saw the TYLT models, we thought this is a green-screen trick that let us take the pictures of them and plant in anything we can.  However, it turned out to be a real shiny neo-green costume.  It's definitely eye catching for sure!!


2013 CES National Alliance and BenQ Models, Colorful!

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - The models from National Alliance are impressive.  The booth is in the middle of the hall, and there are steps going down to the next section of the hall.  Whenever people come up the steps, they will see the statues of the models smiling to them.  Definitely a great vista point!

The BenQ girls are nimble and mobile.  They are so charming and cute, it's hard to miss them, but they are so quick and swift, it's hard to find them.  Great job in both accounts!  Even the quick 5 seconds, the impressions have been made to us and many others...

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Sisvel Models are Top Level Like Their Products

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - The Sisvel models are so supermodel-ish that they highlight the high quality image that the company projects.
Originally, it was not intended for a group photo op, but they were so nice and gathered around to give us a great photo nano-session.  Great job Sisvel models!

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iHip Girls at 2013 CES Have Lots of LOVE!!

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - The awesome iHip girls are totally the CES attraction!  Even though we cannot get a picture of their products, the iHip girls definitely helped shaped the quality here!
Kelly Kline (second from left), Jessyca Rayanne (second from right) and Shendelle Schokman (right) (and sorry to miss the left model's name) are just so wonderful to be around and take pictures of them for their promo products.
We can never forget their warm warming "I <3 <3 You" sign!!  You guys are totally awesome!


Krys Angeles - W&HM Feature 4

Pasadena, CA (Py) - Through this series of Krys' photos today, you would find that Krys is a truly genuine, beautiful from the inside out, a warm, and an awesome person.
And through the whole feature, you can tell the range of her modeling is wide and diverse.  And by working with her, we can say that she is totally wonderful to work with!

We look forward to seeing and working with her in the future!  Keep up the good work Krys!

Krys Angeles - W&HM Feature 3

Pasadena, CA (Py) - Continued from the previous segment...
In my down time, I like to work out, make dinner for my friends, and dance!  Recently, I have been renovating my house and asking the perplexing question of, "What is next?"  I am thinking real estate rentals, an online eCommerce  and more modeling!  I believe beauty and brains can coexist, and should.  Feel free to watch my wacky and fabulous life unfold on any of my social media .
Twitter and Instagram: @KrysAngelesYo
email: Krys@KrysAngeles.com

(One more segment to come...)
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Krys Angeles - W&HM Feature 2

Pasadena, CA (Py) - Now let's hear Angeles talking about herself!
Hi!  My name is Krys Angeles.  My job title is model, GoGo, actress, official King Of The Cage ring girl 2013, convention pro, promoter, and entrepreneur.  These are all titles I have earned in just the past 2 years.

My job has taken me all over the world.  My favorite memory was when I GoGo danced in China.  On my downtime in China I got to see the Forbidden City and the Great Wall Of China.  I love ancient culture.  I hope to see all the seven wonders of the world. I've seen 3 already!
(to be continued...)
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Krys Angeles - W&HM Feature

Pasadena, CA (Py) - When we first met Krys Angeles, it was at the 2011 Women of Perfection show [int link].  We were impressed by her presence at the show. Her silky golden hair and lake-wake blue eyes made her like a guest appearance at the Asian-model-predominant show.  Ever since, her modeling has taken off and spawned off with a strong showing!
We are very happy to have Krys to be our special feature.  It's been a long time planning and finally came to fruition on a day of heavy fog, snappy cold weather, and chaotic logistics.  Nonetheless, the results turned out to to be a calm and serene combination of glamour and beauty and fun pictures.  Krys is a true professional for sure!!  Great job!  We will know more about her in tomorrow's segment!
Where to find Krys:
Twitter and Instagram: @KrysAngelesYo
email: Krys@KrysAngeles.com

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