September 10, 2013

Wow Jamie Lynn, Miss 2013 #SidewaySundays Rocked the Show!

Lake Elsinore, CA (W&HM) - Under the super heat in the deep valley of Lake Elsinore, CA, Jamie Lynn still effortlessly looked even hotter than the temperature in her black tight pants, at the 2013 Sideway Sundays event.

Jamie Lynn has a tranquil personality, and gracefulness in her posing.  Maybe that's why she stayed so calm and so cool during our shoot.  Or maybe that's why she won the title of Miss 2013 Sideway Sundays!  It was a surprise to her to win the title, as she talked about it afterwards, but we think that she is the very rightful winner of this beauty pageantry.

We will definitely see more of Jamie Lynn in the future, as there are great things associated with the Miss 2013 Sideway Sundays and hopefully more events that she will be going to.

Congratulations Jamie Lynn!




At the below right, Jamie Lynn and Tim, Mr Clean Promotions himself!
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