HOT and Leggy Models at 2013 #SidewaySundays, #LakeElsinore

Lake Elsinore , CA (Py) - 106F  degrees... That's the reading on our car's dashboard.  That's 41C in Metric!!  Body temperature is only 98.6F or 37C!!  Now that's HOT, at this Lake city deep in the hilly and valley Riverside County, about 70 miles Southeast of Los Angeles.

2013 Sideway Sundays turned out to be an even hotter event with hot models in hot pants, smoking drifting actions, and loud heavy metal concerts, blended with warm vendors and sizzling food trucks.  Now that's HOT!!!  It also looks a lot like a mini version of a Formula Drift event, without the super sized crowd.  This is awesome!!

Even under the blazing heat and the 2pm sun, we had a great time doing photo shoots with quite many models, especially with Mr Clean Promotions models, which had a major presence at the event.  As you can see in these highlight photos of them, if you enjoy leggy models, you are in the right place!

<Mr Clean Promotions Models>
First off, congratulations to the crowning 2013 Miss Sideway Sundays, Jamie Lynn, (top).  She won the title among other competitors at the show, with her gentle going personality and awesome presence.

Alexx Juice (below), also wore a super tight stretch leather pants that hugs her long legs, in this super high temperature.  Our hats off to Alexx and Jamie for this beyond professionalism efforts!

We also met up C-Anne (above left) and she gave us a super sweet look with a really cool bike.  Here are the Jamie Lynn winning the Sideway Model Competition.
Sparkling Jewelz (below left) has an incredible pair of long legs, simply Wow!!!  Totally great job!!

<JDM SPorts Models>
Then we have many JDM Sports models here too!  JDM Sport is always working hard, in many + many events across the region.  It's almost like any events that we go to, they are the staple on the event, and you can count on them to be there!  Very cool!
Tanya Rouse, with this red hot EVO making the show even hotter!!  She and the Cipher Auto Team brought their great products to the event, adding more colors and funs too!

In the end, we had a wonderful time at the 2013 Sideway Sundays.  We do like to especially thank Mr. Clean Promotions for their awesome models, and congratulations to Jamie Lynn too, as well as to JDM Sport models for their always warm presence at all events!  We look forward to the next year's return!

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