Wheels and Heels Mag Issue 7 Cover Model - Arley Elizabeth @Arrrrley

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Doing the shoot with Arley is a trip by itself.  When we went to the beach to do the shoot, she would be discovering sea animals, like small rock crabs, and would identify and follow them around, showing the tremendous interest in them.  We were sure that if she has a huge salt water tank, or even better a sea water pool, at home, she would definitely have many cute sea creatures in it.  That would be super fun!

Besides the fun by the rocks, we were dealing with a harsh weather condition.  It's not a hurricane (since there is no official hurricane in the west coast anyway), but it had a hint of the gloomy sky and splashy water, and goose bump temperature.  None can deter Arley to be a super model in front of our camera.  She totally came through and demonstrated what an amazing model she is.  Great job Arley!

You can find exclusive photos and an interview with Arley and many more others coverage in our Issue 7.  Your support does help us to do even more coverage and features and we highly appreciate it!
W&HM Issue 7
54 pages, published 7/31/2013
Wheels and Heels Magazine - Premier High Quality Pictorial Magazine of Car Shows and Events, Promotional Models, Drifting and Cars. This issue has Arley Elizabeth as our cover model, Gloria Touch as our feature model. Events include Formula Drift at Braselton, Atlanta, GA, Wall, NJ, Relaxin in SoCal, and Imports at UCI.
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