Eva Skye and Deena Kacie for Drive #M7 Energy Drink in #Spocom #Anaheim @LoveEvaSkye @deenakaciemodel

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - We celebrate the Spocom Hawaii today by bringing more good memories of Spocom Anaheim event, which is a huge success!  Drive M7 Energy Drink is also a great sponsor to the Spocom Hawaii show!
Leading off with Eva Skye who is an international model who travels to Asia frequently.  She knows the locals there really.  So if you head to Asia, like Taiwan or Japan or other neighborhoods there, definitely check with Eva, and she can give all the good tips on how to find the good foods and awesome places.
Deena Kacie gave us a Zorro look at the show, definitely highlighted her large and beautiful eyes!  Deena is tall and slim and leggy and very cool to photograph with.  This year's Drive M7 really pulled in a great model line up for their booth, including Eva Skye, Jeri Lee, Xena Kai, and Deena Kacie.  It's a non-stop traffic over there for sure!  Great job!!


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