W&HM Issue 5 Amazing Cover Celebrity - Tera Patrick @tera1patrick

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - As we mentioned in our Facebook post, Tera is one of the most amazing celebrities/models that we worked with.  The total working experience and the photos from the shoots, are simply above and beyond an ordinary project.  She truly demonstrated her high professionalism and genius talents.
We had a quick chat with Tera for the feature. Here is a quick snippet from the interview:

"W&HM: ... First off, what's keeping you the busiest these days?
Tera: I just started my Comic Con 2013 tour!! I've always wanted to do a multi city / county tour of ComicCon and now I am!! I'm touring Philadelphia , Las Vegas, New York, San Diego CA, Los Angeles CA, France , England Australia and New Zealand!!

W&HM: What's next project you can share with us?
Tera: My follow up to my first memoir " Sinner Takes All" is finished and going to be published soon!! My exclusive accessories, clothing, and personal items are ALWAYS available through my ONLY Store at http://stores.shop.ebay.com/allthingsterapatrick 

W&HM: What is your dream car if you have all the money in the world?
Tera: Aston Martin!! Let me slink around and find my purfect model there's a few I'd take!! OR I'd take a 1969 SS Camaro I love muscle cars:))

W&HM: What's the happiest moment in you life that you can share?

For the full interview, check out her print edition of W&HM Issue 5.  Thank you!

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