2012 SEMA - Design is The Key!

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - We are always impressed by the Italian tire company Pirelli.  You can tell from the set design, color choices, car selections, wardrobe decisions, and model recruited, that they are well conceived, sophisticated, total package!  Molto Buono!!
Megan Belet for Hankook!
Yummi and Daha for Hankook too, directly from Korea!!!

Black is the new black!!


2012 SEMA All Are Awesome!

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Leianna Kai (above) for Spyder has that warm Hawaiian tropic look, very suiting!

Didn't we say that Julie Mai (below) for Aeolus is super fun to shoot with?  She is totally genius!  Marissa Hiroko (below right) for Vortech has that enticing secretary look.  Cool!
And Ashley Clark too!
Diana Grant (below right), is always so professional, so elegant, so cool to shoot and catch up with!
Mercedes Terrell (below left) and Jeri Lee (below 2nd left) and the Monster girls!
Do you know London is the love of Nicole Marie?  Now you do!


2012 SEMA - Non-Stop!

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Even though you may have seen them in the last few days already, they had different wardrobe changes that always keep the imagery fresh and new.  Awesome!!


2012 More Awesome Models!

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - We just cannot stop taking pictures of these amazing models!  Shanna Lowder (above left) and Corissa Furr were rocking the outdoor side of SEMA, aka the DUB side.

Xplizit car showed up at SEMA and gathered quite a lot of attention!  More Corissa!   Yay!!
Olivia Korte was signing her Motorz TV calendars to fans.  Did you get yours?  Erica Nagashima (above right) for Hankook always looks great no matter where she stood around the car, or booth, or anything!

Brittani Paige for JDM Sport is so talented that it's always fun to shoot with her.  Leila Shennib (below right) for Sailun Tire displayed her slender and long and slim physique.
Kenda had two very lovely models and Kosei Wheels (last picture)'s model had the French Maid outfit, perfect for Halloween!


2012 SEMA - Sailun, TRAX, Mobile Home, HTNA

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Sarai Rollin (above left) and Maya Michelle Rew (above right) made Sailun Tire booth so lively and so awesome!

There were so many models that we just lost track of names...  Our apology!

But we do know that HTNA models were working hard and smiling bright!

2012 SEMA - Spec-D, Aeolus, MHT

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Holly Lee!  Holly is such a sweet person whom you would always want to meet and never want to leave!  Trinity Dang (below left) is an awesome Nor-Cal model that often graced in the Sol-Cal car scenes earlier this year.  Very cool!

Ashlee Davis (below left) and Elle Navarro (below right) are the two dynamic duo at the show.  They are so fun to shoot with!
Julie Mai (below left) and Crystal Bailey, for Aeolus, are the most fun duo at the show!  If you stand there listening to them for 30 sec, you would get a full day dosage of laughter!  Great jobs girls!!

Michelle Yee (below left) was working hard signing posters and Shanna Lowder (below right) was looking super cute to our camera!  Love her smile!

Natalia Marie (below right) was very resourceful when it comes to Halloween costume choices.  :-)
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