Imperial Showgirls at Play

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - We also met up the Imperial Showgirls girls at the show.  They are not shy about being happy, playful, and fun in front of our camera.  Very cool!
If this were a road trip, probably you will have non-stop fun with these girls.  They were just non-stop cracking jokes and playing all the time!

Russia is Xplizit HOT!

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - You probably can guess how much time we have with her at the show... Too much but not enough... Lol
Xplizit car club is truly the best when it comes to providing cars for the shoot.  They have lots of cars there, each has its own characteristics, and just gives the model a perfect playground to show off both her and the car's talents!
And we have to say that this is the first that we've ever encountered...  WOW!

Russia Rhapsody in Blue

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - We have so many pictures of Russia, thanks to her tiredlessly working with us and with different cars.  She is a champion in engaging her audience to a flash frenzy.  Where she goes, there is always a natural half-circle crowd there... Awesome!
Her moves are fluid and purposeful, which just reflects that she has great modeling talents in her DNA!
Even at a serene moment, she can project...

Kristy-Lei Juan - W&HM 2012 Oct Cover Model

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Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - Yes, just like all the great cover models here, we just cannot get enough of their good photos.  Here we have Kristy-Lei Juan coming back again for another very cool editorial finale here.

Let's hope that we will see her soon again and have the great opportunity to have another feature of her!

Russia Outdoors

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - When Russia came out from the warehouse, she's immediately situated at the cool car gathering of Xplizit car club.
She just continues to amaze us...

Sarah Marie with Kinetik!

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - It's always a pleasure to meet with Sarah Marie at Kinetik.  She is always so bright and happy and so pleasant to shoot with.  Her new blond color hair, which is close to her natural hair color, has highlighted her happy-go-very-lucky personality!
For some reason, we had a Mad Men espisode flashback...

Russia with Red, Octobor

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - Russia, the model, is not a convention model.  She is with the Imperial Showgirls establishment right at the Headlights and Tailpipes show in Anaheim.  When we saw a crowd of photogs working in deep sweat taking pictures of her, we knew that there is something special about her...

She poses in a direction that is engaging, enticing, and flirtatious, with the red car!  So much so, the owner asked her not to touch the car...   Guess the October heat was really high there...  Lol

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