Yvonne for Hollux Industries

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Pomona, CA (W&HM) - Hollux Industries has graciously let us take their spokesmodel Yvonne to a small photograph tour.  Very cool!

Luckily, there were many + many cars to photograph.  Very cool!

We will let the pictures speak themselves... :-)

Eventually, the black and white combination is still a classic and strong one.

Great job Yvonne, Hollux!!  Keep up the good work!

Elyse Miles and Sport JDM Models Are Totally Amazing

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Pomona, CA(W&HM) - As in many past events, Sport JDM has brought a strong showing to this year's HIN show.  Elyse Miles lead the pack with towering presence that gave the car show a fashion show tint.  Awesome!
Elyse is such a interactive and awesome model.  Cameras love her and flashes adore her...
We also caught the other Sport JDM girls, literally...

And we got their attention... Three times!!

Very cool + very cool + very cool!!!
Then we were back at the model lounge...

Here is the model called Beautiful (left) and the other is Blu Pearl.
And switch!

Road Race model!  Very smartly doing her job.  Very cool!

Trinity Dang is A Triple Delight Angel!

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Pomona, CA (W&HM) - When we first met Trinity, it was back in 2011 HIN at the LA Convention Center.  We were impressed by her elegant poise and approachable personality.  Then we met her again at 2011 Autocon and were really impressed by her early arrival professionalism and friendly attitudes toward her fans.  This time, we are super impressed by how awesome but still both feet firmly on the ground great-model persona.  Very cool!

She works great magic when modeling with a car.  A car under her guidance is no longer a car, but a prop, or a strong accessories, like earings, necklaces, or shoes,.... What a wonderful talent!

She can just make you non-stop clicking your shutter!  :-)  Great job Trinity!

HIN is very well known for their attractions to models, many models, many great models, many many awesome models!  Either by the model lounge...

or by the vendor/owner corners...

Back to model lounge with Marie Alveraz...

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