RPM Anniversary Party with Lorena Salazar

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Newport Beach, CA (W&HM) - Continued 2012 RPM Show report...  Lorena Salazar has that awesome model look and super cool poses.

She loves cars here and we are sure that the cars love her as well!

We paired her with Julia Saori too!

We Cannot Have Enough of Maya Michelle Rew!

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM ) - Maya Michelle Rew is such a super talented model that we cannot get enough of her!!  Back in 2011 SEMA, Maya Michelle demonstrated her multi-faceted brainstorming ability in our mini-photo-shoot-session!

 She simply looks amazing!!
 From all sides!!
 In all her expressions!

 At different angles!
 Standing or reclining!!
 Posing or promoting!!
 The awesome pin-up glamour!!

 The Broadway stage act!!

 Attention grabbing!!

 Just like her ink says, "Gorgeous! Beautiful! Totally Awesome!!"

 And Creative!!

 Even with tools!!
 Totally awesome Maya Michelle Rew!!!

Ayanna Jordan, Serenity Underwood, and More Models in 2011 SEMA

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Ayana Jordan was at the Continental Tires in 2011 SEMA.  She is just looking good in the bright showfloor light!  Very cool!

 Pirelli models had a departure of uniform from the prior year... Nonetheless, they are still very friendly and helpful!

 Serenity Underwood for the VehSmart booth has really heartfelt smiles!!

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