Jamie Michelle, Caresa Lamers, Jen Morillo, Sarah Serabian and Victoria in 2012 CES

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Jamie Michelle was promoting at the Superbass booth.
It's always very cool to have your amazing posters plastered on the big stand and you can stand next to it!!  Great job Jamie!!

The team at the booth!  Cheese!!


We met Caresa Lamers at last year's SEMA as well.  She always has that friendly and super approachable smile on her...  That's what we called the great promotional models!!

Jen Morillo and Sarah Serabian (later below) are doing walking promotions for Gumdrop Cases.

The booth of Soul is like in a white room that has white angels around you... Nice!!

W&HM Featuring Leng Yein (Part 3) - Wheels and Heels Magazine Featured Model

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - There are so many awesome photos of Leng Yein that we could not keep them in our vault.  You can start playing your music and browse the rest of these amazing photos now... :->

Again, great job Leng Yein!!

Supertooth Booth Performance at 2012 CES

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) -  Supertooth has hired a super sweet tooth performing team.  From the fliers that they gave out, they are Fantasy show girls from Luxor.

They are totally talented and fantastic.  They had singing, dancing, and audience interactions.  Totally awesome!

The choreography that they created are simply mesmerizing!!

They definitely won our vote that we will likely to go see them at Luxor next time we are in town!
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