2012 CES Julie Mai and More Models

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Julie Mai was having a great time at the show, even though the show was gruesome 9 to 6 for 4 days... Nonetheless, she is always a great trooper, showing her bright smiles, and having fun with people walking by or simply the colleagues at the booth.  Awesome Julie!

 Oh, somebody spilled the coffee!!!  Turned out that is a plastic prop... Lol.  It sure got a LOT of people's attention!  You can almost put a bubble right next to it and see who can come up the best line...  Hmm, maybe we should do that in the future! ;->

 The F&E Trading

 The two gorgeous models for F&E Trading...
 Plus a lucky and happy guy!
 This Chinese broadcast network/alliances/conglomerate has hired some super glittering and daring costumes!

 We say it's working!

2012 CES Models from Volutone and Kia Motors

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - The 2012 CES is full of wonderful and friendly promotional models.  Not only they drew attention from the carpet walkers, they also created strong images for their brands, and generated buzzes here at W&HM! :-)

The models from Volutone are totally photogenic!  Their marketing/casting/model manager has done a great job!

 Here at KIA Motors, the electrical car and the new concept cars are flanked by two cool models!

2012 CES Highlights 3 of 3

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Nikon's models are just so deliciously eye-catching!  They were in these outrageously gorgeous costumes, posing with lively character projections, and paying attention to all the people picked up their cameras to photograph them.  Awesome!!

Models from Gumdrop Cases were roaming around the show floor (big show floor might we say...) and showing people how cool to wear their headphones...
Skullcandy models are totally amicable, which reflect really well with their hip brand!  When we asked to photograph this model, she totally cooperated with us and gave us great shots!  Thank you!
Beijing TV had a cool anchorwoman at the live broadcasting at the show.  Well she was accompanied by other male commentators but she totally shone among all of them!
Models from Ear Hugger brought us those sunny smiles with them!
Victoria for Soul was so warm to see us again that she did a special posing session for us, as well as having her fantastic colleagues for the shoot as well.  More to come!
The Mobee girls are the dynamic combo of a brunette and a blonde.
The Powerhouse girl is really cool, and has that super model look and pose.  Great job!
The model from Sennheiser probably can tell you all about the audio equipment that they have and more!
We still are drawn to the Fantasy Show girls from Luxor.  They are just totally mesmerizing to watch!
Ha!  The mobile video screen man from Accesory Power!
We met the blonde model from SEMA about two months ago.  They both are cool and did a great job for Behringer.
We remember the model for iShower from the Falken at SEMA.  Great job!!
The X-mini model has a really exotic costume.  Definitely should check it out later when we have that coverage!
The models from Oscoo are like sisters!  They look so alike, of their smiles... :-)
The WOWee models!
Brooks for Kia Motors looking sharp here!

2012 CES Highlights 2 of 3

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - This is the continuation of the highlights from the 2012 CES event.  Julie Mai for CPS (above) is such a great model!  She just recently landed a major modeling contract, which is double cool, as we will see a lot more of her in the future!  Awesome!

The totally awesome Fantasy Show girls at Luxor totally rocked the show floor with their totally awesome dance numbers!  We might go to see their show next time in town!  They are spectacular!!
Michelle Yee for Xtreme Cables is such a reliable trooper that you can count on her on all shows.  She is even going  an international tour across Asia in the near future!  Totally awesome Michelle!
Natalie Bee for F&E Trading gave us a warm welcome to the booth!  Very cool!
Nikita Esco for Xtreme Cables is a brilliant model that not only she looks great by herself, she makes the product in demo looks good too!
The models from Powerhouse are abundant and gorgeous!  The encapsulated the true promotional modeling spirits, which are warm, welcoming, friendly, approachable, photogenic, talented, gorgeous, and more!  Great job!
The model from Turn Me On has that cool tropical look!
More models from F&E Trading!  They had a really good show promotional presence there!!
The model from Nametag.com showed us something really cool!  The screen-based display tag can be attached to a lot of surfaces, in this case a hat, but more practically like around a microphone for interview, or other places that can use an animated display.  It's very cool!
Powerhouse, indeed!
Nikon's models are totally awesome!!  They posed, they showcased the new cameras, and they definitely attacted a huge crowd around them.  Bravo Nikon!!
The unconventional approach of the promotional modeling is totally effectively demonstrated through this lovely model.  She got everybody's interest and she could explain the products like any good salesperson.  Very cool!!
Okay, we've been hanging around Powerhouse booth a bit too long... Lol
SMS models are super glam!
The models from iWave was manning the huge booth space very well.
The three models for the Chinese media group are wonderfully glittering glamorous and hotly glamorous!!!

The model for Viewsonics was flanked by two big birds, harmless for sure!

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