Melyssa Grace and Models at 2011 FD Irwindale

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - We haven't see Melyssa for a long time!  She has been spotted at the 2011 Formula Drift Title Fight at Irwindale, CA.  She gave us a cool photo op here!  Very cool!
Models were abundant at the show, so were the crowd!  Even though it was not obvious here; boy, it was a sold out show and you could see gazillions of people roaming around during the break time.

So the models were happy to see so many people as well!

And the vendors were even happier to see the people flooding around, but some vendor did not quite like our camera time here...  Oh well, we still give them coverage, as we are truly professional! :-)

Sabiy Rose, Celeste Staana, and Sony Model

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Sabiy Rose has those catching cat eyes that will lock your gaze immediately when you see her.
She can look so strong...
yet look so soft at the same time...
Celeste!  Our awesome Exedy model!

She looks great no matter out under the sun, or here in the booth...

And she does her work extremely well! :-)
Sony models are an increasing presence that we noticed in the last several shows.

And we totally welcome them! :-)

Sophia and Dannie

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - In this super cold winter time, it's always good to bring back some coverage from the summer, where the sky is clear, the sun is big, the wardrobe is small, and the models are hot!

Sophia (left) and Dannie are two wonderful models that are not shy about their best features!

And they are super friendly too!

They are what we called the awesome models!  Working hard and looking good at any time!!

Sohpia is ... WOW!!

Elysha Lee, Holly Lee, and Monster Energy Girl

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Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Elysha Lee once again grace the Formula Drift Irwindale event for Nexen.

Holly Lee was looking bright and happy!

Elysha Lee is sucha  hard working, cheerleading, and crowd heating girl!

The Monster Energy model at 2011 Formula Drift.

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