October 15, 2012

2012 Formula Drift Irwindale Highlights 4

[Click Pictures for Full Size View]

Irwindale, CA (Py) - Marissa Hiroko for Fontana Nissan gave the car a beautiful finishing touch.  She is such a kind and gentle soul!  Always a pleasure to take pictures of her!

Ashley Clark (below left) for Whiteline is spreading the joy of happiness through her gorgeous smiles, one at a time!  Cooper girls are very photogenic, as they have a staff photographer to photograph them with patrons.  Cool!

Jasmyn Skye (above) for JDM Sport is always so much fun!  She is so passionate about life and friends!  Super cool!

Julie Galindo looks so bright and happy in her Falken outfit. Laura Baker is the main staple of K1-Speed. Nice!
Lena Love from JDM Sport gave us that awesome pose!  And Rachel Centolella for Black Magic made our coverage of the Formula Drift event so much more fun and better!  Thank you Rachel!
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