January 24, 2012

W&HM Angel - Nicole Rayburn (Part 2)

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Shooting Nicole is like shooting a movie.  Every pose has a story, or a mood, or an expression, or something that is way beyond a beautiful presence.

Her natural story telling talents truly separate herself as a league of her own.  That is totally awesome!!

Nicole is currently producing movies, which involves a lot, we mean A LOT of things.  She needs to find (or fight sometimes) funding, crews, equipment, permits, and whole shebang of movie making...   Her super organized nature make it perfect for this high demand line of work!

This is the other part of the Nicole with the car, though no "wheels" are in presence...   However, the story that Nicole unfold is totally amazing!  Nothing like this here before...
This looks like an ad of an expensive designer perfume, or a luxurious designer lingerie line, or a big coffee table book cover,...

When we were done, and reviewed the photos from the shoot, we thought that this is something very different than the usual car/model, wheels/heels, or bumper/bikini pictorials...  We LOVE what we have here!!  Totally amazing work by Nicole!!  Our hats off to this awesome talent!!

To find out more about Nicole, here are her web site:
and the MM profile:

Keep up the great job Nicole!!
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