W&HM Angel - Nicole Rayburn (Part 1)

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Nicole Rayburn is a truly amazing model.  Not only she can model, she also appeared in several films, playing leading roles, as well as produce movies.  What can we say, if we give her a mic, she probably will rock the house down too!  Wait!  She is a voice actress too!!  Wow!!  Our hats off to her!!

 Nicole is so creative that we didn't spend too much time, but produced tons of amazing results!!

 We talked about the fun stuffs on producing movies.  Through out the conversation, we learned that she has such a neat, organized, get-things-done, and problem-solving characteristic.

 Even during the shoot, she is not like the other models.  She projected an amazing style with graceful poses, yet daring looks to create those ethereal moods...  Bravos!!

 Totally amazing!!

Totally amazing!!

Part 2 will come tomorrow.  Please stay tuned...

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