HIN is Today! Retro HIN - Part 3

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 Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Gabby Jeanne! (above)

 Kim Lee...

 Jelly + Eva!
 Tina (right)...

 Maya again!!

 Raichelle's first dip into the water!!

 Lushus Diana!


HIN is Coming! Retro HIN - Part 2

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 Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Angela is looking cool!

Chelsie is so super-star-style!

 Bahara again!
 Leinna Kai (bio pic int link]!!

 Amy Fay [bio pic int link]!!!

 Gabby Jeanne [bio pic int link]!!!

 Misa Campo

 Maya Michelle Rew!!!

Power outage...

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Hi all, sorry that we have not posted for two days. There has been a power outage due to The "we are not in Kansas anymore" strength wind storm here in our area a couple of days ago... Once it's back, we will be full strength again. Please stay tuned... Thanks!

HIN is Coming! Retro HIN Days - Part 1

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Hot Import Night used to be the top, the king, the utmost, the best import car show tour here, if not the whole world.  The hotness thermometer of the models and cars is just off the chart that is non-disputable.  Despite some set backs in the last season after a change of hand, now they are coming back with the original owner and are poised to bring back its original glory!

Here are some photos dug out from the "good old days" that you might be able to relive in this coming Saturday again!

We start with HIN 2007 at Chula Vista, CA

 Bahara [pic bio int link] ...
 Alicia [pic bio int link] ...

 Our Feature Model, Chelsie!! [pic bio int link] ...

 Entering 2008 HIN at LACC, Los Angeles, CA

Mercedes (the model, not car)...

 Bahara again!

Then 2008 HIN at Pomona, CA ...

 Gina ...
 Chelsie!!  Yay!!

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