2011 SEMA - Michelle Yee and Models

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) -  Michelle Yee is always so professional and ready for photo ops, even though it was a bit chaotic at the show.  She needed to take care of a celebrity while managing the crowd... Magnificent Michelle!
 DefenderWorx has a very happy model for their booth!

 DriveNTalk is always a strong force in promotional modeling.  Not only the uniform is perfect for their branding color, the model's hair is also impeccable to the hue.  Great job!

 Forgiato has two stunning models for their show booth.

  We really should have spent more time with each one of them and have some more coverage of the booth as well.
 Talking about more time, one thing that most models do in most multi-day events (or sometimes even within a day) is to change their wardrobe.   Mandy for East Bay Tires is looking great in wardrobe #1.

 And as stunning in wardrobe #2

2011 SEMA Models

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - The 50's glam is filled in Fashion Paint's booth, including two gorgeous models flanking Eddie Paul.

Now that says a lot about the status thing...
 Totally awesome model!

 Lexani Party model Emily Miller is an ultra promotional model.  She was all by herself, when we approached her.  Not only she gave us great information about the event that she is promoting, she also got two guys signed  up for the event, while we were talking.   Talking about super salewoman ship!  Great job Emily!

 Cara Skye for ENEOS is totally color coordinated and well balanced.

 Celeste is looking great with that Japanese cityscape as her backdrop.  She can totally fit in if it were real world scenario.

2011 SEMA Vendors - Ford, Anzo, Spyder...

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For more vendor and product pictures click here [int link].

2011 More Awesome SEMA Models - Jenny Ladner, Bethany Badertscher, Jordan Keali and more

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 Las Vegas,  NV (W&HM) - Jenny Ladner for CEC has a calm personality that makes you feel like you are in a cool Nordic tech zone.

 Her LBD is just perfect for the set up.  CEC has really great design here!  Great job!

 Bethany Badertscher for Barrett-Jackson Auction is totally awesome and so professional.  She was so courteous and approachable that the traffic has been non-stop for her signed poster as well as photo ops.

 He was really happy there, trust us! :-)

 Clazzio models are returning this year again!  Last year, they have generated some strong interests from our readers.  This year they are looking better and better!!

 Jordan Keali knows how to give us that engaging look.  Just wish that we have more time staying there...

 The model for CSF has an upbeat and that just-drove-125mph-in-a-convertible-top-down look.  So refreshing!!  Very cool!

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