2011 LA Autoshow Part 2

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - The LA Autoshow is always about sleek, glossy, high-end, elegant, luxurious, and all things that make you feel uplifted!

Nikki Obra for Nintendo gave us a great photo op of the Nintendo 3DS gaming console as well as the newly unveiled Mario Kart in real life and real functioning.  Very cool!

Nintendo definitely won the best promotional modeling in the LA Autoshow by generating so much buzzes with so many great talents!!  Kudos!!

Fiat has a Gucci edition that looks really cool!

Mini Cooper is looking good as well!

In the aftermarket hall, there are a LOT of exotic cars that you probably only get to see in your life a few times...

2011 LA Autoshow Part 1 and W&HM Top Carshow Model

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 Los Angeles, CA (Py) - LA Autoshow is always packed with new launches and shiny display cars as well as elegant promotional models.
 Audi's minimalistic yet stunning model won our top honor of W&HM Carshow Model of LA Autoshow!  The model totally transformed the car and you into a high European fashion + auto show.  Very + very cool!
 The picture is so great, that we had to invert our logo so we don't disrupt the beautiful composition... :-)

 Dodge Ram also has a stunning model, in a very Hollywood glamour way...  Great job!

 Jaguar model is soooo professional that she always make sure that the attention flows to the car.  Very impressive!!

 Nintendo did a great launch!!  West Coast Customs Ryan Friedlinghaus worked with Nintendo to build two cool Mario Kcarts in real world size!!  Super cool!

 Nintendo president and Ryan Friedlinghaus...
 Nintendo models!

 And these are only half of the models that they had there!  Definitely check them out!!

310 Tuner and Other 2011 SEMA Models

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Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - 310 Tuner always brings several promotional models to all events.  Last time in Formula Drift, they had pretty high amount of model presence, compared to to other similar size vendors.  We salute to 310 Tuner and models for the great presence there!

We did not catch the name of the model, nor the company, nor the hall location, but we know that it's a new product with a cool model!

Again, we don't know the model's, the owner's names, or even why they are here.  However, it's an awesome complete set up.  It's a roped off small display space, with the neo-psychedelical paint jobs with an cool model by its side.  Great combination!

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