2011 SEMA Preview - Giovanna, Amber Pohl, Jordan Keali, Rough Country and Rugged Ridge

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Giovanna Wheels is always a big scale, big presence, big player in the famous South Hall in SEMA.  Not only they bring out many models, their display space is bright, cool, classy and sexy!  It's like a resort in heaven...
 Great job, girls!
 Amber Pohl for Cooper Tires is totally awesome!
 And double the awesomeness here!

 Jordan Keali has that super sultry vibe and at the same time super refreshing!

 She is super amicable and friendly to the attendees of the show.  Great job!!

 The Rough Country models are so fun to shoot with, that their smiles are truly genuine.  We know that because they were having a good time even before we took the pictures.  It's a happy country there!

 Rugged Ridge model showed us the newest product offering from the company.

 She did a very good job for sure!!

2011 SEMA Preview: Fist Enterprise, Mopar, Bead Bazooka, and iPad-Kiosks models

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 Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - This year's SEMA seems to be a bit more light hearted and everybody is having a good time.
 Fist Enterprise recognized our press credential and opened the rope for a complete unobstructed view for our viewfinder.  That's what we called the opportunity marketing.  Great job!!
 Awesome "Wheels and Heels"!
 The genius behind the opportunity marketing is this brilliant guy!

 Mopar has a huge booth at the show and clearly demonstrated their position in the industry!

 The powersuit that the model wears just enhanced that power position image!

 Bead Bazooka had a really think-outside-the-box attendee photo op here...
 Well, the customer is always first!  Very cool!
 Back to the great model mode...

 iPad-Kiosks lady showed us various human ergonomic use of the product and the display.

2011 SEMA Highlights Part 2

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 Las Vegas, NV (Py) - The Velocity Wheel model (above) is so bright that made us feel really welcome to their booth.  Great job!

 Rugged Ridge is the first booth that we covered.  Great job stopping us and start a beautiful even day!!
 Tough Country girls are so cool!  They pulled themselves together for our photo op.  The necklaces that they wear are sooo cool as well!
IPod-Kiosks has a great model demoing their products.  Very effective!!
 Mopar model is so professional that immediately caught our attention!
 Bead Bazooka, patent pending?  Wow, that's something really cool!
 Jordan Keali is super cool and a great model!!  She has that super model look yet a girl-next-door friendliness!!  Great job!!
 Amber Pohl (on the right) is a Cooper Tires model!!  Yay!
 This year Pirelli always have very eye-catching uniforms for their models...  However, not sure how easy they go to bathroom, a question asked during one of the Project Runway episodes...  Nonetheless, we applaud that European design that combines colors, llnes and texture.  Great job!
 Kenda also has some cool products and models here!!
 Green Tires models are kind of unique in their own way...  Love that tropical feel and Latin flavor, which are perfect for the company!  Awesome!
 Emily Miller is a one girl band here, but the interactions that she generated and leads that she collected can out number many big sales guys in other booths.  We all agreed that she should be every company's sales team!
 Gazario model is totally awesome!!  So easy to work with!!  Thank you!!
 Sailun models are totally awesome this year!! They really came out with a big bang!!

 Ford!!  Their models are so upbeat and happy!!  Great work!!

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