Marie Alvarez and models!

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 La Mirada, CA (W&HM) - Marie Alvarez looks awesome in her cool bikini-dress.  It's a genius touch!!  Great job!

 We also have some cool pictures of this wonderful model... Her name?  Uh, we did not quite get it as she ran out of her business cards... Oh well, next time then...

 And more awesome models!!!  Over time, she looks better and better!!!

Ashley Harris and Diana Ochoa, HOT!!

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 La Mirada, CA (W&HM) - Ashley Harris made a big splash in Promotion Show earlier this year.  Ever since, she is shooting to the sky like a faster-than-lightspeed hyper-speed-tron!  Great job Ashley!!

 She is totally awesome!!

 Diana Ochoa is a super talented model.  Not only she can do great car model, she does great go-go dancing as well, as well as an artistic model!  Hopefully we all can witness that in the future!!

Michelle Yee, and Whitney Sisters and More

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 La Mirada, CA (W&HM) - Michelle Yee is a super hard working model.  If there are a major car show, most likely she will be there.  Our hats' off to her!!

 She is just totally awesome to shoot with!!

 Caitlin Whitney was sitting in for her sister while we hit their table.  She has that perky personality that created a lasting impression!

 We bumped into her but could not get her name for some reason...

 Melissa Ann Whitney is Caitlin's sister, and is the star of their spot!  They drove a long + long way down here to attend the show.  Totally dedicated!

 And she is a super creative model as well!

Amazing Ryan Oso, Tracy Linh, and the LBDs

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 La Mirada, CA (W&HM) - The power of LBD, Little Black Dress can be shown here.  Regardless of the busy background or chaotic settings, Ryan Oso still pulled off with an LBD that looks totally amazing!!

 Well, she is amazing by herself, to begin with...

 Take notes, models, Ryan really knows how to use her amazing figure to create artistic presentation... Wow!
 Keep up the good work Ryan!
We are also happy to see Tracy Linh at the show!

 She always shows us the confidence of a great model!
 The two models with Mr. Clean also had the LBDs and they look totally awesome!!

 We think that they were not used to our big flash yet... :-)

 Keep it up!  Look forward to seeing both of you in the near future!!

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