Exedy Girls at 2011 Formula Drift Title Fight Day

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 Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - It was a casual Friday when the photos were taken, as seen here of her flip flops... Or a casual weekend? :-)  However, she is looking fantasticly amazing!

 The dynamic dual is here for the booth activities!

 Celeste Staana gave us some ideas how hot it was, that we all needed some break... But she's always a great sport for us and gave us a great coverage!

 We also miss Lea Anne P for her energetic personality and engaging passion...

Ken Gushi (33) for Team RS-R/Scion Racing/Hankook Scion tC was heading off on the track...
 Dennis Mertzanis for Konig Wheels Kenda Tires played it strong by closing in with the bricks...
 Toshiki Yoshioka for Retaks Racing / Cooper Tire / Nissan 240 LS looked good!

 Ryan Tuerck for Gardella Racing/mobile 1 Chevrolet Camaro whipped up a lot of smoke here...

 Matt Waldin for Helix Energy Drink 350Z had a beautiful run and strong showing...

Arika Sato and Janel Hahn for Cooper Tires

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 Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - The very cool Cooper Tires models, Arika Sato and Janel Hahn gave us a great photo session.  Even though Janel was the designated photographer for the company, she is just as friendly as Arika!

 Arika Sato has that wonderful exotic yet natural look!

We also caught the dynamic duo off duty.  They are even more ravishing under the warm sunset light...

Janel Hahn was showed us the in front and behind camera personalities of hers... :-)

Dean Kearney (43) for SHR/V-Leds/Dodge was in full force, not letting the competition have a second to breath...   Very cool!

310 Tuner and The Beginning of 2011 Formula Drift Final Round

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 Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - During the final round days of 2011 Formula Drift, all vendors came out in full force!  310 Tuner had eye catching models and encouraged media folks to take notice too!  Great job 310 Tuner!!

 This is when they encouraged us to pay special attention by having the models standing in front of their banner just for us!  Kudos!!

 The 2011 Formula drift is a packed show!  At the last day, there were only standing tickets available only!  Totally awesome event put together!!  Truly professional!!
 Cars in preparation for the excitements!!!

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