San Diego, CA (W&HM) - Extreme Autofest San Diego has its well known tradition of great bikini contest.  This year, not only they brought in great talents, they also have super international spectrum.  The first contestant is from Russia!

 In  her famous line, "I will crush my competitions", she flexed her muscles to demonstrate her light-heartness and seriousness.

 Then of course, Russian people have passions for dancing!

 Then the second contestant, who also attended last year's, was challenged for a Spanish shout out...
 And she did beautifully!!  Including "Muy Caliente!"  Indeed, indeed!

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Guest Contributer - Juan Fuentes Covering Blox Racing Open House Event

Fremont, CA (Guest Contributer, Juan Fuentes) - Our guest contributer Juan Fuentes has sent us the great pictures of the Blox Racing Open House event at Fremont, CA, on July 11.  It seems to be a great show, as there were a lot of cars, exotic cars, as well as great models.  Very cool!

** For complete coverage, please refer to the full article in W&HM Xposure section here...

Thank you Juan!!  Fantastic!!
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NOS Models Rules!

San Diego, CA (W&HM) - NOS is always a big supporter to car show events.  Regardless a small boutique one or large as EAF SD, they are there.  We appreciate their dedication to the industry!!

 Of course, NOS models are sensational!!  Chelsea Hann here is one fine example!!  Super amazing!!

 Natalie Bee is looking good here...
 And Natalia Marie is always hot!!  Super hot!!

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Asian Fever at Extreme Autofest SD

 San Diego, CA (W&HM) - There were many + many Asian models at the show, just like in many other import car shows.

 They all have different personalities...

 And different passion heat indices...

 and different exposures...

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