Let the Competition Begin, 2011 Redline Time Attack Rd 3

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - The Redline Time Attack Round 3 brought in great talents as well as new talents across the board.
GXS always have that classy yet sexy style to represent the best of the best!

Rachel Hoglen is looking cool here!!

Champaign fight time!!  Haha
Cailin Mendes, just looks super cute!!

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2011 July Desktop Wallpaper - Alexx Juice + PLATINUM Lifestyle Corvette

You can find various desktop size wallpapers for your desktop in here.  Check them out!! Happy July!! :-)

Wheels and Heels Magazine Featuring Courtney Marie Part Extra

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Courtney is so amazing that our photosession with her is so successful, that we have so many pictures that we can share!!  Not many words here, just gorgeous pictures... Enjoy!!

Keep up the amazing job that you are doing Courtney!!  Love to see more of you in the future!!

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Redline Time Attack Round 3 Model Competition!

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - The model competition's before play...   The big line up...
Cailin Mendez and Rachel Hoglen brought joys, laughters, energy, performances all together for the audience. Great job!!

Michelle Yee (right) wardrobe is very chic!

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