Julie Mai + Dianna Lushus = Wow

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Julie Mai (above; Julie Mai internal article coverages) always has that bright sunny summery smile on her!  While Dianna Lushus (below; Dianna Lushus internal coverages) has that new blond hair style that is just ravishing!

Her glasses are like a genius touch!  Very cool!

Julie Mai is like a great friend that you haven't seen for a long time. She's like a super model in one of the Victoria's Secret Catalog.  She's like the new California girl that you see in the calendar!

Very + very cool!!

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Alexia Cortez 360

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Alexia Cortez (her internal article coverages) is such a well known model that you can see her in billboards, promos, and many + many appearances at various shows!!  We totally love her!!

Every time we are there in any show, she always makes sure that we have wonderful pictures of  her to show to all our readers!  That's what we called an amazing super professional!

The sun just set to drape her gorgeous hair with a beautiful halo!  She's an angel for sure!

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Wekfest Dynamic Duos At the Show!!

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - We captured some of the coolest double model duos at the Wekfest show in Long Beach.  Tracy Linh is definitely one of our top list to start this cool article.
Obviously, we are stepping back...
Back more...
Just about right!  haha
Then they became really candid!!  Very cool!
And improv!! :-)
Hannah Flattery and Amy Fay are just awesome + awesome!  Hannah's blonde hair + her black top is a perfect complementary choice to Amy's dark hair and white shirt.  Nice job!

Tracy Linh and Soniya Lei together!!

Well, there are many double models here, we suppose... Haha
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Amy Fay, What Else Do We Have to Say? :-)

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Amy Fay graced the 2011 Wekfest Long Beach show.  There were constant tons of cameras following her, even during her lunch break!

Over the years, Amy has evolved from a spunky bubbly model into a sultry queen-of-show powerhouse!

A true model can handle multiple cameras and tons of flashes.  Amy made sure that everyone got their shots and have the best angles of her.  This is not just professionalism, this is ART!!!

Even though these photos are semi-similar, but nonetheless everyone of them is worth viewing close up...

Many kudos, Amy!!  Keep up the amazing work!!

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