Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - There seems to be a trend to have these semi-meshy tight pants as the promotional wardrobe as seen here by Adams girls. It sure achieves several effects being (you can fill the blanks here...). But we wonder how they put them in? Are the toes getting the way at every eyes of the mesh???

Auto A Fondo had a really toned model! Sure demonstrated the southern cal's healthy and bright image!!

Monster drinks may not have the big team of promotional models, but Ashley Sarto [Link] is one powerful force!! Ashley is always super photogenic! She is always tall and slender! She is always professional! She is just super cool!! Great to see Ashley again!

We got a coverage of a news coverage. It's like in the twilight zone that you sometimes see a person from the 3rd person's point of view, rather the first person... Well, it's film noir time!! Haha.

More great model!!

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Chaba, Ashley Labady 4 Nitto, Nicole Marie 4 Hankook, Laura Baker 4 K1 Speed

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Chaba [Link] is always a great pleasure to shoot with! Not only she has such vibrant personality and great modeling talent, it's always like chatting with an old friend each time we meet her. That's the model that we like to cover more!!

Nicole Marie [Link] is the first time being a Hankook model. We remember that we first met her at the Spocom last year, roughly 9 months ago. Now she has ascended to the top model status with Hankook. We are super happy for her!! Great job Nicole Marie!!

Models from Motorsports are always friend, and very mobile! Either you will bump into them, or they will bump into you! We think it's a cool branch of promotional modeling..

Laura Baker [Link] for K1 Speed is like the stable of the house. They can count on her and she can count on them! It's always good to see her!

Ashley Labady [Link] is a good friend of ours! It's always a lot to catch up with that sometimes we forgot to do our reportage job... So we instituted a rule that "shoot first ask later.".. Haha.

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Shawnna, Sabiy Rose, Maya Michelle, Lisa La, and Lauren Lindner

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Shawnna is a bright new star in the car show promotional modeling world. We only saw her in the last XDC/Remix Irwindale show (link). And she is here again. Very cool! She definitely has that innocent and fresh and spring fairy like characteristic, which is like a breath of fresh air, like directly from Altoiods!

Sabiy Rose is another model that we don't see often. Last time we met her at the DUB show just a few weeks back. Another fresh air in the industry, like.... Orbit gum? No she does not have a dirty mouth. Hmm, doublemint? Uh, haven't see her twin yet... Old spice?? Wrong direction!! How about Skittles??!! the rainbow theme seems to be good... Cool!

A drama is to be unfold...

Maya Michelle was being proposed???

And she still looked at the camera? Haha, just kidding. No it's not a drive by proposing... It's a fan on his knee holding her hand, making a snap moment to be a lasting memory... That's how you hold a model's hand!

Lisa La projected a really calm and cool personality, in hot, noisy, and crowded environment... More chewing gum analogy? Haha...

Lauren Lindner was always on the go. She was probably one of the most walking person in the whole show. She was constantly walking around, and around... We had to stop her to let her rest for 5 seconds...

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