Mirani Motors Models + Cars

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Mirani Motors have brought in big investment. They had a big floor space, as well as several models there.

Beautiful Model...

And gorgeous cars...

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Megan Fowler, and More Models

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Although DUB show is slightly light on model presence, still there are various talents!

Vertini model is looking very cool with the rims and wheels!

The wheel is missing his partner here...

Amazing, simply amazing!

A light bulb lit up in our post-production department... Fantastic!

Megan Fowler in her LBD (Little Black Dress) looks great with the white car!

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2011 DUB Los Angeles - Best Summary

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - DUB Show Los Angeles was a huge show that took up a very good size space of gigantic LA Convention Center. The crowd was overwhelming, like a swamp of bees just got the spring flower blooming signals... However, the models count is not as impressive. All the way, we had to hunt, fish, and scout for them to bring them here to present to you... Well somebody needs to do the hard work... Lol.

Jamie Michelle is always + always amazing!! Her slender build and totally awesome modeling skills put her several notches above the usual import models... Great job!

Since there were many, which we mean MANY, cars, love to show case some of the really cool ones!

Jeri Lee looks smashing in the show!

Aubrey is a super strong attraction wherever she went...

Bunnie Sanchez looks like a Latina James Dean here...

Courtney (2nd left) has the wisdom to direct models to our flash... Totally cool Courtney!

We just recently learned that Diana Ochoa is a super cool model!! We mean super + super cool!

Mirani Motors had a very strong presence there...

Nokturnal had such an array of cool bikes and parts...

Rachel Flores has that very friendly look and friendly personality as well!

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