Sierra and Daniel's Cool Car

Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Sierra is with Daniel Corrillo's car team. This is the first time modeling in a car show or modeling at all. She definitely did a great job and has really strong potentials! We are very happy to report this blonde beauty and the black stallion from the XDC car show. It's a very + very cool combination!! Hopefully we will see her soon!!

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Alisa Watkins and Amber Grace

Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Alisa Watkins has a pair of incredibly long legs. She can be a super model, she can be a basketball player, she can be a high executive (since height and salary has a direct relation...)... We were totally amazed!! Keep up the good work Alisa!!

Amber Grace is a super cute and highly energetic model. Whenever you are around her, she will make you feel home and at ease... That's an incredible interpersonal skill that she has!! Kudos!!

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Roxy Ayala, Stacey Dominguez, Sarah Licon, and Miss Krisana

Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Roxy Ayala is just simply amazing. She can create non-stop eye-popping and nose-bleeding pictures to all the cameras and flashes and video cams,... Very cool! Great work Roxy!

Stacy Dominguez and Sarah Licon are the dynamic dual for the NOS booth!

Miss Krisana has the unconventional green hood on her... Very nice!

* Click the picture for its original size *
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