Lyna Ly Sparks, Risa Omine, Diana Ochoa

Torrance, CA (W&HM) - Lyna Ly Sparks is especially stunning at the show. She is a fully experienced model, wonderful person, and friendly personality and super photogenic!

Risa Omine is very unique and very amicable! You truly feel that you are talking with a high-perofmrrance professional there. We are sure that whatever she does, she does it really well!

Diana Ochoa looks very cool and commanding. Such a wonderful model! Hopefully we see her more in the future as well!

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Amy Fay, Raichelle Viado, Alexia Cortez, Desiree Vidal

Torrance, CA (W&HM) - Amy Fay always looks amazing. But over time, she is becoming super amazing. Not only she totally works well with the camera, she works well with the flash and the crowd. Great work Amy!

Raichelle Viado! the very popular talent of beauty contests!! Always staying at the tops!!

Alexia Cortez is radiant and bright!! She won the bikini contest at the show!! Bravo Alexia!!

Desiree Vidal was very cool when we raised our camera and the big flash dish...

Amy Fay and Tracy Linh, Wow + Wow!!

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Gabby Jeanne - Go Go and Friends

Torrance, CA (W&HM) - Gabby's amazing performance continues...

The positivity was contagious...

Amazing isn't it? It's a totally awesome combination of beauty, strengths, and aesthetics. Great job Gabby!
Later on, we saw her by the stage...
"Hi Gabby!"

":-)" - Always a warm smile!!

Gabby was really popular with friends...

And we saw Diana Ochoa too!

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