2011 CES - Taya for TCL,

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Taya is a very special model. Not only she has a very fresh and elegant look, she also has a very kind heart and a great personality!

Here she took a nano-brief moment to pose for us, because there was always a huge crowd around her. She definitely looked amazing here!

Then she revealed her big heart and team player spirit that she took one of the field personnel to the photo op. Super cool! Our hats' off to her already!

Then she was very + very + I mean very patient demoing the product. TCL has this semi-Minority-Report-gesture-based control of your TV and programs. You just wave your hand in certain directions and the TV can turn up/down the volume, next channel, or other things. But the really important thing is that Taya was very patient coaching the attendees how to use the product. And when she was always doing something with the program even if no one stepped up to try it. That says a lot!! Great job Taya! Such an impeccable work ethics!!

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2011 CES - TCL Showcase Model

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - TCL had several very cool models, in different roles. This wonderful blonde model was doing the showcasing their products. We were not sure how, but she was definitely eye-catching, and attention grabbing and crowd gathering for sure!

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2011 CES - Adriana Davalos, Definitely Amazing!

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - For MR2 company, Adriana Davalos did something that no other models did for us. Not only she pulled the products and proudly showed us, which all the models should do, she also...

pulled the inventor of the product and ensured that we took good pictures of him!!

Adriana is a very very cool and amazing model!
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2011 CES - D-Link Model Catching Attentions

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - D-Link costume is super eye catching! The unusual neo-blue hair and snow-bunny like jacket just showed us how cool they are! Very cool!

She's such a great model, though we know she's probably not Todd, that she was very inviting for us to take pictures and show case the products. Great job!!

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2011 CES - Jamie-lee Foster Fabulous!

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - CES was really big!! We could only spend so much time going through the micro-universe there. We only managed to catch two photos of Jamie-lee Foster, but they show her amazing look already. Great job!

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2011 CES - DragonFly

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Dragonfly company has two very special ladies in their booth. Maggie Lea here is the business development manager, but she posed like a model and look like a model too! Very cool!

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2011 CES - Casio, The Classic and The Wild

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - We caught one of the Casio models while she was hosting another demonstration. She gracefully gave us the photo op and totally demonstrated the professionalism and brightness of her wonderful talent!

On the other hand, we originally totally missed the two demonstration model on the bike by like 0.5 seconds literally. When we point our camera to the models, the demo was done and they were just getting up and leave. Then we went backstage and ask if we can take pictures of her. Not only they said yes, they said where!! What a professional! So they went back to the stage and did a posing-and-shooting session for us!! Great job!!! At the end of the quick shoot, there were a huge crowd surrounding us already... Model's mission accomplished!

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2011 CES - Julie Mac A Wonderful Host for Casio

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Julie Mac was hosting a demonstration of Casio's picture-turned-fine-art collection. Not only she did a great job on the stage, she also did a great job after coming down to the floor. Her enthusiastic passion to show us the digital paintings from Casio, she did it as if they are her own works. Very cool!! Great job Julie!

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2011 CES - Sharp and TCL Models

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - One of the key themes through out the CES show this year is the office secretary look. Many vendors, big and small, have that style in various formats in the show.

Sharp has taken it to the next level to create a sophisticated look of the look. The red scarf is definitely as great touch and a wonderful differentiator from the rest of the pack. Great job!

The TCL models were going for the semi-office-formal and semi-party-formal little black dress. It has a very classy look as well as a clean feel. Great job as well!

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2011 CES - Courtney Culp for Fresco

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Courtney Culp was promoting Fresco in CES this year. Her dashing eyes and flowy blond hair, and bright smile just drew people in to the booth, and to the placard next to her... Who wouldn't want to apply?? Good job Courtney!

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2011 CES - Nikita Esco Going Mondrian

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Nikita Esco was promoting Digital Film USA in CES. She is not a stranger to us and she has been in various car shows and events and always looks good! This time, she is super classy and artsy by going Mondrian for the show. It's eye catching, elegant and super attractive. Great job Nikita!!

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2011 CES - Erica Yip Looking Cool!

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Erica Yip for iView had a really cool attitudes toward event photography. Most tech models are shy and it's not helping to have shyer male colleagues around either. However, Erica did wonderfully and showed us a very cool side of the company.

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