2011 SEMA Models Highlight Week - Part 4

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Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Red seems to be a good color that fits models and display well.  310 Tuner has many models in bright red uniform in front of their bright red banner.

DriveNTalk had a huge display space!  The white cloud-ish environment gave models that really cool and uplifting look!  Great job!
East Bay Tire' smodel is all business suit up and has that keen promotional model look.
Emily Miller has those captivating eyes that are totally engaging and get her message across without much efforts... Good job!
Olivia Korte is always awesome to take pictures of.  She is such a 360 degree all amazing model!
Myra is a new model for Falken, and she has that big tire company's model look.  Very cool!
Giovanna's model is so pet-loving...   Every dog has its day...
Hayashi Telempu model showed us how comfortable to be on their company's flooring inside the min-van.  Great job!
Lena Hakim is such an awesome model that gave us so many great photos!
Metal Rescue model is a super fun girl-next-door person.  The way she wears the belt, you could almost mistake her to be your girl buddy when you climb up the roof to fix the leaks... Cool!
MPC models are simply grand and sultry... Wow!
This Nexen model looks like a million-dollars-rate super model.  She is tall and slim and absolutely gorgeous!
Nitto has a slightly different approach with the simple yet elegant evening gown look.  Great job!
Sailun, what can we say... They had soooo many amazing models!  Great job to the marketing department!!!  Totally awesome!!
Spyder had a strong showing with Xena Kai, Danielle Lo, and ... (sorry) and Nikki Esco.  Great line up!!
Veh Smart's model is very cool!
Velocity Wheel model gave us a great pre-holiday theme look, with red and green beautifully blended together.
The Venice Wheels model looks totally amazing among the shiny new wheels here!  Great job!

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