Happy New Year, 2011!!

Los Angeles, CA - Happy New Year!! From Wheels and Heels Magazine, we wish everybody a wonderful 2011!! :-D

We continue some of the events from the past that have not been published!

Bahara always looks good, especially in her hugging bikini!

More and more from Spocom!!

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2010 SEMA - Grand Finale

Las Vegas, NV - 2010 SEMA coverage - Grand Finale! Celebrate the new year!! There are so many wonderful talents and it's definitely one of the key shows that everyone should go to at least once!

Mazda model has a great uniform for sure!! Perfect for the model!!

We still could only know her as "Model from WD-40"... She must be a super model as she has all the talents and skills!

The two models from Ultra lube were super cute!! They definitely knew how to pose and work with the camera!! Great job!!

Girls from DUB Show in Las Vegas!

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2010 SEMA - More Models

Las Vegas, NV - 2010 SEMA Continuing coverage...

Tiffany Selby was at the lobby of the hall. Practically anyone could go into the lobby and take a picture of this radiant blonde model. When we visited the location, we found that there weren't too many people hanging around there. Therefore, as anyone should do, we kept her busy with a little photo shoot session... Thus created these amazing photos of Tiffany!

Sarah is looking good for Kinetik company. She has very enticing eyes and amicable personality.

Got2b Wireless has two amazing models! It's a perfect combination of blonde and brunette. Both are gorgeous and both are very warm to our camera. Great job both the company and the models!

And the speechless...

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