MotorMavens - Jei Lynn

Irwindale CA - Jei Lynn is a familiar face to us. She was at the Redline Time Attack show in Fontana CA just about a month ago, being the Miss Redline Las Vegas. She is a warm, friendly, personable, talented and pure wonderful model! It's such a great delight to see her again, and have a mini-photoshoot session with her!

Her eyes are so enticing, that many models should learn from her!

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2010 Autocon - Julie MAi

City of Industry, CA - Julie MAi (we still don't know why it's MAi instead of Mai after all this time, but we love mystery!) was one of the brightest star in the show. She wore a bright red dress with a bright and strong presence, and was bright and warm to see us. She's indeed a bright star in the show!!

In the show, she was one of the busiest models as well. There were so many cars and so many photographers in the show... One cannot clone one's self multiple times yet...

We would definitely love to see her in the future shows!! Great job Julie!!

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2010 Autocon - Jewelyn

City of Industry, CA - Jewelyn is a..., hmm how do we describe her? She is very friendly for sure, very energetic definitely, very communicative positively, and more!! She is very smart, and embracing new technologies just like we do!

Whenever and wherever there is Jewelyn, there are laughters, funs, and excitements!

She will be moving to Las Vegas soon, last we heard. We hope that we will see her more in future shows, because she can put any show to the next level!!

Keep up the good work Jewelyn!!

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2010 Autocon - Eva Skye, Honey Jo

City of Industry, CA - Eva Skye in Autocon is the first time that we have the coverage of her. She is a tall, slender, leggy, and gorgeous model.

She spent some time in Asia when she was really young. She can speak Mandarin very well, which is always a plus when you are in certain parts of Southern California.

Eva gave us a quick genealogy of her parents and grand parents, and we have to say that it's a long way here for her, given how many detours that lineage has been through... But we are happy that she was at the show!!

Here sultry eyes and modeling poses really captivated the crowd for sure!!

Honey Jo showed up at the same table as Tracy Linh. We have to say that the dynamic duo is really something and definitely sparked the parking lot car show!

Her smile is like she is speaking with you and smiled for your joke... Hmmm, maybe she is laughing at something... Haha.

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